Turks in Montenegro

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Turks in Montenegro
Total population
(104 (2011 Census)[1])
Sultan Murat II mosque in Rožaje

Turks in Montenegro, also known as Montenegrin Turks, (Turkish: Karadağ Türkleri) are ethnic Turks who form an ethnic minority in Montenegro. According to the 2011 census, there were 104 Turks living in the country, forming a minority of some 0.02% of the total population.[1]


In 1496 the Ottoman Empire conquered Montenegro which bequeathed a significant Turkish community due to the Ottoman colonisation process. However, in the early 20th century, after the Ottomans were defeated in the Balkan Wars, the majority of Turks along with other Muslims living in the region left their homes and migrated to Turkey.[2] Nonetheless, some of the Turkish community stayed as they could not leave the region.[2]


Turks in Montenegro[3]
Year Turks
1961 2,392
1971 397
1981 -
1991 -
2011 104

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