Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3

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Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 Cover.jpg
Developer(s) Banpresto
Publisher(s) Banpresto
Series Ultraman Fighting Evolution
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
  • JP: December 2, 2004

Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 is the third game in the Ultraman Fighting Evolution series released for the PlayStation 2 system.

Narration is provided by Yuji Machi, who also provided Ultraman Tiga's kiais and narrated Ultraman Dyna.

This is also the first game of the Ultraman Fighting Evolution series to feature Ultramen and Ultra Monsters from the Heisei era with the addition of Ultraman 80.

List of Ultramen in the game[edit]

  1. ^ Ultramen that can be unlocked in this game.
  2. ^ The V2 and the Supreme Version can be unlocked in this game.
  3. ^ Ultraman Legend can be unlocked but cannot be saved in the memory card.
  4. ^ Ultraman Legend can be saved in the memory card, but you need to have an Action Replay Max Evo to do so.

List of Monsters and Aliens that appeared in the game[edit]

  1. ^ The Gillas Bros. appear as a finishing move for Alien Magma and in one of the cut scenes of story mode.
  2. ^ Monsters that cannot be played, but appears as a boss in certain modes
  3. ^ The Gloker Rook appears as Gloker Bishop's air strike
  4. ^ The Gloker Pawn is mentioned in the Ultraman Cosmos scenario in Ultra Mode, despite not appearing as a playable character.
  5. ^ Monsters that can be unlocked in this game.

Special highlights of the game[edit]

  • In the story mode of Ultraman, depending on what conditions are met, Zetton will either be destroyed by the Science Patrol or confronted by Zoffy. Either way, while playing as Ultraman, you must intentionally lose to Zetton.
  • This game has the most number of playable characters among the five Ultraman Fighting Evolution games in the series.
  • None of the Western Ultramen (Ultraman Great, and Ultraman Powered) were featured in this game.
  • None of the Anime Ultramen from The ☆ Ultraman or Ultraman USA (Ultraman Chuck, Ultraman Scott, Ultraman Jonias, and Ultrawoman Beth) were featured in this game.