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University of Gdańsk
Uniwersytet Gdański
Latin: Universitas Gedanensis
Motto In mari via tua (In sea your way)
Established 20 March 1970
Rector Prof. UG dr hab. Jerzy Gwizdała
Academic staff
Students 27,200
Location Gdańsk, Poland

The University of Gdańsk (Polish: Uniwersytet Gdański) is a public research university located in Gdańsk, Poland. It is an important centre for the studies of Kashubian language.


The University of Gdańsk was established in 1970 by the amalgamation of the Higher School of Economics in Sopot (in existence since 1945) and Gdańsk College of Education (formed in 1946). Nowadays, the University of Gdańsk is the largest institution of higher learning in Poland's northern region of Pomerania.

Faculty of Management, University of Gdańsk
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Law and Administration
Faculty of Biology

School Authorities[edit]

  • Rector: Prof. UG dr hab. Jerzy Gwizdała
  • Pro-Rector for Scientific Affairs and Cooperation: dr hab. Anna Machnikowska
  • Pro-Rector for Teaching Affairs: dr hab. Anna Machnikowska
  • Pro-Rector for Student Affairs: dr hab. Arnold Kłonczyński
  • Pro-Rector for Development Affairs and Finances: Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Bielawski
  • Director of Administration: dr Mirosław Czapiewski


  • Professors: 282
  • Habilitation doctors: 171
  • Senior lecturers: 640
  • Teachers (total): 1,700
  • Total staff: 2,964

Notable professors:

Number of students[edit]

  • Day studies: 15,151
  • Evening studies: 3,753
  • Extramural studies: 10,884
  • Doctoral studies: 1,609
  • Total: 27,233

Levels of study offered by institution[edit]

  • Shorter/intermediate university level qualifications
  • First main university level final qualifications
  • Advanced/postgraduate study
  • Doctorate
  • Higher/post doctorate

Diplomas and degrees[edit]

  • Bachelor - B.A.
  • Master of Arts - M.A.
  • Doctor - Dr
  • Doctor Habilitated - Dr hab.

International cooperation[edit]


Notable alumni[edit]

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