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Article Selection 1[edit]

List of Earth-crossing minor planets
Asteroid impact avoidance
The Blue Marble
Darwin–Radau equation
Earth exploration
Earth in culture
Earth religion
Earth's energy budget
Gravity of Earth
Earth's location in the universe
Earth's orbit
Evolution of water on Mars and Earth
Earth in science fiction
Flag of the Earth
Flat Earth
Future of the Earth
Geographical distance
Geological history of Earth
Geomagnetic latitude
Geomagnetic reversal
Geomagnetic storm
Geomagnetically induced current
History of the Earth
Hollow Earth
Jaramillo reversal
Etymology of the word "Earth"
List of artificial radiation belts
Mediocrity principle
Near-Earth supernova
Origin of water on Earth
Pale Blue Dot
Earth radius
Effective Earth radius
Rare Earth hypothesis
Earth Orientation Parameters
Earth's rotation
Shape of the Earth
South Atlantic Anomaly
Spherical Earth
Subsolar point
True polar wander
Van Allen radiation belt
Windows on Earth
Beta angle
Geocentric orbit
Geostationary orbit
Geostationary ring
Geostationary transfer orbit
Geosynchronous orbit
Graveyard orbit
High Earth orbit
Highly elliptical orbit
Intermediate circular orbit
Lagrangian point
Low Earth orbit
Medium Earth orbit
Molniya orbit
Near equatorial orbit
Orbital arc
Orbital state vectors
Orbital station-keeping
Polar orbit
Semi-synchronous orbit
Stationary orbit
Supersynchronous Orbit
Algoman orogeny
Armorican Massif
Armorican terrane
Cache Creek Terrane
Carlin Unconformity
Carolina terrane
Cassiar Terrane
Chiloé Block
Florida Platform
Great Lakes tectonic zone
Hebridean Terrane
Meguma terrane
Narryer Gneiss Terrane
Salinian Block
Slide Mountain Terrane
Smartville Block
Sonomia Terrane
Tuareg Shield
Wrangellia Terrane
Yakutat Block
Yukon-Tanana Terrane
List of supercontinents
Amasia (continent)
Columbia (supercontinent)
East Tasman Plateau
Nena (supercontinent)
Pangaea Ultima
South China (continent)
Supercontinent cycle
Amazonian shield
Appalachia (Mesozoic)
Briançonnais zone
Cimmeria (continent)
Congo craton
Geology of Wales
Iberian plate
Kalahari craton
Kerguelen Plateau
North China craton
Río de la Plata craton
Sao Francisco craton
Siberia (continent)
Ur (continent)
Zealandia (continent)
Boreal Sea
Bridge River Ocean
Central American Seaway
Champlain Sea
Iapetus Ocean
Iapetus Suture
Khanty Ocean
Mars Ocean Hypothesis
Paleo-Tethys Ocean
Pan-African Ocean
Pannonian Sea
Pharusian Ocean
Piemont-Liguria Ocean
Poseidon Ocean
Proto-Tethys Ocean
Rheic Ocean
Slide Mountain Ocean
Sundance Sea
Tethys Ocean
Tornquist Sea
Turgai Sea
Ural Ocean
Valais Ocean
Western Interior Seaway
List of tectonic plates
Aegean Sea Plate
African Plate
Altiplano Plate
Amurian Plate
Antarctic Plate
Apulian Plate
Arabian Plate
Balmoral Reef Plate
Baltic Plate
Banda Sea Plate
Bird's Head Plate
Caribbean Plate
Carnegie Ridge
Caroline Plate
Cimmerian Plate
Cocos Plate
Conway Reef Plate
Easter Plate
Eurasian Plate
Explorer Plate
Farallon Plate
Futuna Plate
Galapagos Microplate
Gorda Plate
Greenland Plate
Halmahera Arc
Halmahera Plate
Sangihe Plate
Indian Plate
Indo-Australian Plate
Insular Plate
Intermontane Plate
Iranian Plate
Izanagi Plate
Juan de Fuca Plate
Juan Fernández Plate
Kermadec Plate
Kula Plate
Lhasa Plate
Anatolian Plate
Madagascar Plate
Manus Plate
Maoke Plate
Mariana Plate
Moa Plate
Molucca Sea Plate
Nazca Plate
New Hebrides Plate
Niuafo'ou Plate
North American Plate
North Andes Plate
North Bismarck Plate
North Galapagos Microplate
Okhotsk Plate
Okinawa Plate
Pacific Plate
Panama Plate
Pelso Plate
Philippine Mobile Belt
Philippine Sea Plate
Philippine-Halmahera Arc
Rivera Plate
Scotia Plate
Seychelles Plate
Shan–Thai Terrane
Shetland Plate
Solomon Sea Plate
Somali Plate
South American Plate
South Bismarck Plate
South Sandwich Plate
Sunda Plate
Burma Plate
Timor Plate
Tisza Plate
Tonga Plate
Woodlark Plate
Yangtze Plate
Bellingshausen Plate
Charcot Plate
Nain province
Phoenix Plate
Mountain formation
Acadian orogeny
Alice Springs Orogeny
Alleghenian orogeny
Antler orogeny
Cadomian Orogeny
Cameron's Line
Cimmerian Orogeny
Colorado orogeny
East African Orogeny
East Greenland Orogen
Fold and thrust belt
Geology of the North Sea
Geology of the Pyrenees
Grenville orogeny
Kaikoura Orogeny
Laramide orogeny
List of orogenies
Mediterranean Ridge
Musgrave Block
Petermann Orogeny
Rangitata Orogeny
Sevier orogeny
Taconic orogeny
Trans-Hudson orogeny
Alpine orogeny
Caledonian orogeny
Hunter-Bowen orogeny
Innuitian orogeny
Malagasy Orogeny
Nevadan orogeny
Ouachita orogeny
Pan-African orogeny
Penokean orogeny
Sonoma orogeny
Uralian orogeny
Variscan orogeny
Hotspot (geology)
Eifel hotspot
Ocean island basalt
Impact crater
Impact Field Studies Group
List of impact craters on Earth
List of impact craters in Africa
List of impact craters in Antarctica
List of impact craters in Asia
List of impact craters in Australia
List of impact craters in Europe
List of impact craters in North America
List of impact craters in South America
Earth Impact Database
Acraman crater
Amelia Creek crater
Ames crater
Amguid crater
Anadyrsky District
Aorounga crater
Aouelloul crater
Araguainha crater
Arkenu craters
Avak crater
Beaverhead crater
Beyenchime-Salaatin crater
Bigach crater
Boltysh crater
Boxhole crater
BP Structure
Brent crater
Calvin crater
Campo del Cielo
Carswell crater
Charlevoix crater
Chesapeake Bay impact crater
Chicxulub crater
Chiyli crater
Chukcha crater
Clearwater Lakes
Cloud Creek crater
Connolly Basin crater
Couture crater
Crawford crater
Crooked Creek crater
Dalgaranga crater
Decaturville crater
Deep Bay crater
Des Plaines crater
Dhala crater
Dobele crater
Eagle Butte crater
Elbow crater
Elgygytgyn Lake
Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station
Flaxman crater
Flynn Creek crater
Foelsche crater
Gardnos crater
Glasford crater
Glikson crater
Glover Bluff crater
Goat Paddock crater
Gosses Bluff crater
Gow crater
Goyder crater
Granby crater
Gusev crater (Russia)
Gweni-Fada crater
Haughton impact crater
Haviland Crater
Henbury Meteorites Conservation Reserve
Holleford crater
Ilumetsa crater
Ilyinets crater
Jabal Waqf es Suwwan crater
Kaali crater
Kalkkop crater
Kaluga crater
Kamensk crater
Kara crater
Karakul (Tajikistan)
Karla crater
Kelly West crater
Kentland crater
Kgagodi crater
Kursk crater
Kärdla crater
La Moinerie crater
Lake Bosumtwi
Lake Lappajärvi
Lake Wanapitei
Lake Yanisyarvi
Lawn Hill crater
Liverpool crater
Lockne crater
Logancha crater
Logoisk crater
Lonar crater lake
Macha crater
Manicouagan crater
Manson crater
Maple Creek crater
Marquez crater
Meteor Crater
Middlesboro crater
Mien (lake)
Mishina Gora crater
Mistastin crater
Mizarai crater
Mjølnir crater
Montagnais crater
Monturaqui crater
Morasko meteorite nature reserve
Morokweng crater
Mount Toondina crater
Neugrund crater
Newporte crater
Nicholson crater
Nördlinger Ries
Oasis crater
Obolon' crater
Odessa Meteor Crater
Ouarkziz crater
Piccaninny crater
Pilot crater
Pingualuit crater
Popigai crater
Presqu'île crater
Puchezh-Katunki crater
Ragozinka crater
Red Wing crater
Riachão Ring
Rio Cuarto craters
Rochechouart crater
Rock Elm Disturbance
Roter Kamm crater
Rotmistrivka crater
Saint Martin crater
Santa Fe impact structure
Serpent Mound crater
Serra da Cangalha
Shoemaker crater
Shunak crater
Sierra Madera crater
Sikhote-Alin meteorite
Siljan (lake)
Slate Islands (Ontario)
Sobolev crater
Spider crater
Steen River crater
Steinheim crater
Strangways crater
Suavjärvi crater
Sudbury Basin
Tabun-Khara-Obo crater
Talemzane crater
Tenoumer crater
Ternovka crater
Tin Bider crater
Tookoonooka crater
Tswaing crater
Upheaval Dome
Vargeão Dome
Veevers crater
Vepriai crater
Viewfield crater
Vista Alegre crater
Vredefort crater
Wabar craters
Wells Creek crater
West Hawk crater
Wetumpka crater
Whitecourt crater
Wolfe Creek Crater
Woodleigh crater
Yarrabubba crater
Zapadnaya crater
Zeleny Gai crater
Zhamanshin crater
Île Rouleau crater