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— Wikipedian  —
Born (1996-09-04) September 4, 1996 (age 21)
Lima, Peru
Country  United States
Current location New Orleans
Languages English, Spanish, some French
Time zone CST
Current time The current date and time in New Orleans is Sunday 15 October, 11:28.[1]
Height 5' 7.5" (171.5 cm)
Handedness Right
Personality type INFJ
Education and employment
University Tulane University
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Hobbies Listening to music, editing Wikipedia, researching music sales, reading
Contact info
Blog Tumblr
LinkedIn [ Mauricio Rivera Vera]
Account statistics
Joined December 10, 2009
Edit count 8,400+


What I Edit[edit]

I mostly edit stuff having to do with either album/single sales and chart performance.

This includes articles such as:

So you can get a grasp of how heavy an editor I am was, just in the first half of 2012 I made 1,998 edits including 510 in March alone. And that's just in the English Wikipedia (where 90% of my edits are). Continuing with the horrors of my Wikipedia addiction, I'm the top contributor of all time at Lorde, the list of best selling singles and the list of best-selling albums in Brazil, in addition to being the top contributor of the past two years of the list of best-selling albums.

One could say that I'm obsessed with researching the sales of mainstream singles to somehow prove to the public at large that they're as important as album sales, at least in the digital age. If you go take a look at the list of best-selling music artists' talk page, without a doubt you'll find some editor or Wikipedia reader complaining that X artist can't have sold Y million because his/her/their albums have only sold N million copies or that X artist has really sold X+Y million and not W million when you count the Y million albums and X million digital singles they sold because "W million records" absolutely does not already include the X million digital singles the artist's sold [^rant^]

Why I'm A User[edit]

To quote Cprice1000 --"I often see incorrect/out of date material and really want to do something about instead of poke and yell at other Wikipedians to do it for me. So I made an account and became a Wikipedian who is --mostly-- open to be poked and yelled at."

Literally speaking, I actually created my Wikipedia account to ask that Prince be added to the aforementioned best-selling artists list.

Some of My Favorite Musicians & Musical Artists[edit]

Nuvola devices cdaudio unmount.png This user's current top artist is Kate Bush.

Where I Edit and How I Edit[edit]

Articles I've created.
Articles in which I've made significant contributions.
Articles in which I've made regular contributions.
Talk pages in which I often participate in discussions.
Templates I find useful.
{{Citation needed}}
Use for broken links.
Use for unsourced statements
{{Failed verification}}
Use for information that cannot be found in cited source.
{{not in citation given}}
Use on sources which may not be reliable.
{{verify source}}
Use this when in doubt that the information can be verified.
{{You've got mail}}
Use this to notify an editor on their talk page that you've sent them an e-mail.
Use this to put text inside a rectagle.
Use this to highlight text.
Use this to create article links. See Template:La for more.
Use this to create user links. See Template:La for more.
Diffs to remember.

Code copied from A Quest For Knowledge

Service on Wikipedia[edit]

Table code copied from Jeff G.

  1. ^ Calculated using Wikimedia Foundation Inc.. For more information see WP:CCT. To update time purge page cache.