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Articles and images I find interesting[edit]

Anthropology Aerial view of the Loos-Hulluch trench system, July 1917An 860 kg rock and the 30 g of gold contained within it

Astronomy Comparison of optical telescope primary mirrorsDiffraction limit diameter vs. angular resolution of telescopesSpace telescopes and their wavelength working rangesGegenschein

Biology 52-hertz whaleCeratiidaeDomesticated silver foxEigengrauSmoundSymbiogenesisTetrachromacy

Chemistry Tholin

Cosmology Gravitational-wave detector sensitivities and astrophysical gravitational-wave sourcesKugelblitz (astrophysics)Nuclear pasta

Economics Quaternary sector of the economy

Geography Kowloon Walled CityKyaiktiyo PagodaLand and water hemispheresManhattanhengeNaypyidaw

Math Hairy ball theoremKolmogorov complexityUniversal Darwinism

Medicine Auto-brewery syndromeFecal bacteriotherapy

Philosophy Depressive realismMathematical universe hypothesis

Physics Entropic gravityExtension of the periodic table beyond the seventh periodPlasma accelerationPrince Rupert's DropQuantum Darwinism

Politics Mayday PACNational Popular Vote Interstate Compact

Sociology Demographics of atheismGreat ape personhood

Technology Asteroid Redirect MissionElectrical network frequency analysisLAGEOSLotus 119Mechanically separated meatOpenColaPanjandrum

Other Music Genome ProjectPalynologyWikipedia:Unusual articles