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I am human, so sometimes I make mistakes. If you have come here to complain about something I have done, please do not take it personally.
Explain where you think I've gone wrong and I will happily explain what I was thinking when I did it. With your help I can rectify any errors I may have made. Thanks.


'Hi, In response to your last message : the first reference was meant to add a note about how to interpret 'constructed'(ref to be put after the word constructed) -> Some people think that, as it is a constructed language, Esperanto must be somehow “worse” than languages like English or Spanish or German. This is not the case; Esperanto is a fully developed language. Although it started as a theoretical construct, it has had an active community of users ever since its creation, and the language naturally absorbed new words and new ways to express things as people were using it, just like a natural language would. Source : Source : Bill Chapman, ''[ Over A Hundred Years of Esperanto In Chiswick]'' june 2, 2017</ref> in the world.<ref>{{citation

The Prague manifesto itself refers to language rights and linguistic diversity, so I agree with you not to add a reference here. Instead I added it to the article on the Manifesto itself. Cheers, Alifono (did not see link to make my signature) — Preceding unsigned comment added by Alifono (talkcontribs) 15:15, 16 June 2017 (UTC)