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A Virtual User Interface is a user interface to a virtual world. The Virtual User Interface or VUI (pronounced Viewy) is a terminology that is used to describe the interface to a collection of three-dimensional applications, functions and services running in a virtual world. The VUI is the next generation replacement for the current Graphical User Interfaces we find in our traditional desktop environments today.

A VUI client allows multiple users to simultaneously collaborate on and use a single application. You are not required to install or even launch an application in this space just simply move to the last location you were using it. The virtual desktop is far superior to the traditional 2D GUI or menu desktop as the multidimensional capabilities in conjunction with shared back end processing allow a user to run as many applications as they need. The Oculus Rift is one such device that will incorporate a VUI client into its design.

Local versions of VUI's will cache server based copies to allow a local client to replicate a hosted VUI environment when working in a non internet connected space. The VUI client is platform independent and will allow access from any device to your back end applications.