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For the European-based business jet airline, see VistaJet Holding SA.
Founded April 1997
Ceased operations September 1997

Vistajet was a low-cost airline based in Canada.

Code data[edit]


Vistajet entered the eastern Canada market in April 1997 as a low-cost carrier, but ceased operations in September 1997. The company planned to become a national carrier offering value conscious leisure and business travellers the convenience of flying at a rate comparable to driving or taking the train.

The Globe & Mail reported that a consultant's report prepared for the board of Air Canada suggests that the premier airline in Canada was able to force out new competitors such as Vistajet by lowering prices and adding capacity during the 1990s.


The airline operated services to Ottawa, Toronto and Windsor in Ontario province in Canada.


Vistajet operated several Boeing 737-200 jetliners.[1]


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