Water World, Stoke-on-Trent

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Slogan A great family day out whatever the weather
Location Festival Park, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
Coordinates 53°01′39″N 2°11′53″W / 53.0274°N 2.198°W / 53.0274; -2.198Coordinates: 53°01′39″N 2°11′53″W / 53.0274°N 2.198°W / 53.0274; -2.198
Owner Mo Chaudry
General Manager Tim Kiely
Opened 1989
Pools 3 pools
Water slides 9 water slides
Website http://www.waterworld.co.uk/

WaterWorld attracts 400,000 visitors per year.[1] The park first opened in 1989 and is generally open year round, but is closed for a few days of the week during term time.

Some of the park's most popular rides include: Black Hole, Nucleus, Space Bowl, Super Flume and Twister.


The ride Nucleus was the first indoor water-roller-coaster in the UK with 375 feet of ups and downs in a single raft.[2]


In 1999 Mo Chaudry's family trust bought Water World from Rank Leisure for £1.5m, at the time the park was operating at a loss. Early in the 21st century WaterWorld began turning profits and in 2009 is the only such attraction in the UK that is making money.[citation needed]


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