Weaver Settlement, Nova Scotia

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Weaver Settlement, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Weaver Settlement, Nova Scotia
Weaver Settlement in Nova Scotia

Weaver Settlement is a small community in Digby County, Nova Scotia, Canada. Prior to 1934 it was known as "Harlem". According to 'Place Names of the Province of Nova Scotia' by Thomas J. Brown, dated 1922 - Weaver Settlement (D.) "The name was given in honor of the first settler, Michael Weaver." It is located on Highway 340, just outside Weymouth. Municipal jurisdiction is split between the District of Clare and the Municipality of the District of Digby.

Coordinates: 44°23′5.02″N 65°57′54.01″W / 44.3847278°N 65.9650028°W / 44.3847278; -65.9650028 (Weaver Settlement, Nova Scotia)