West Riding House

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General information
Status Complete
Location Leeds, England
Coordinates 53°47′56″N 1°32′43″W / 53.7989°N 1.5453°W / 53.7989; -1.5453Coordinates: 53°47′56″N 1°32′43″W / 53.7989°N 1.5453°W / 53.7989; -1.5453
Completed 1972
Roof 80 metres (262 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 20

Pinnacle (formerly West Riding House) is an 80-metre (260 ft) and 20 storey tall office building in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, which was completed in 1973. It was the tallest building in the city until 2005 with the topping out of Bridgewater Place. There are retail units on the ground floor of the building as it is located in the centre of the shopping district of the city. It was internally renovated in the early 2000s followed by a refurbishment of the lower floor retail space. Leeds City Council were originally the main tenants in the building but have since vacated their offices there. The building has a small multi-storey car park off Basinghall. Until the 2000s the building stood out on the Leeds skyline. The construction of taller buildings (including ones on higher ground than Pinnacle) have lessened its prominence.

There is also a smaller West Riding House opposite Forster Square railway station in neighbouring Bradford.


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