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This is a list of selected October 1 anniversaries that appears on the "On this day" section of the Main Page. To suggest a new item, in most cases you can be bold and edit this page. Please read the selected anniversaries guidelines before making your edit. However, if your addition might be controversial, or on a day that is or soon will be on the Main Page, please post your suggestion on the talk page instead.

Please note that the events listed on the Main Page are chosen based more on relative article quality and to maintain a mix of topics, not based solely on how important or significant their subjects are. Only 5–6 events are posted at a time and thus not everything that is "most important and significant" can be listed. In addition, an event is not generally posted this year if it is also the subject of the scheduled October 1, 2019 featured article or the October 1, 2019 featured picture.

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Independence Day in Cyprus (1960), Nigeria (1960), Palau (1994), and Tuvalu (1978); Cyprus: neutrality issues; Nigeria: refimprove section; Palau: refimprove section; Tuvalu: refimprove section
Feast day of St. Thérèse of Lisieux (Catholicism); refimprove sections, external links
331 BCAlexander the Great of Macedon defeated Darius III of Persia at the Battle of Gaugamela, and was subsequently crowned "King of Asia" in a ceremony in Arbela. unreferenced section
1800 – With the signing of the Third Treaty of San Ildefonso, Spain returned the colonial territory of Louisiana to France in return for the Tuscany area of Italy. refimprove
1850 – The University of Sydney, Australia's oldest university, was established. Featured on October 11
1898 – The Vienna University of Economics and Business, currently the largest university focusing on business and economics in Europe, was founded as k.u.k. Exportakademie. refimprove
1903 – The first modern World Series, the annual championship series of Major League Baseball, opened. refimprove section
1910 – A large bomb destroyed the Los Angeles Times building in Los Angeles, killing 21 people. refimprove section
1936Francisco Franco was declared Generalísimo and head of state during the Spanish Civil War. unreferenced section
1946Mensa, the largest and oldest high-IQ society in the world, was formed in the United Kingdom. lots of CN tags
1958NASA began operations, replacing the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA). Featured on July 29
1961 – Despite strong resistance from the U.S. Armed Forces, the Defense Intelligence Agency was formed, becoming the country's main global military espionage organization. refimprove section
1964 – The Tōkaidō Shinkansen, the first Shinkansen line of high-speed railways in Japan, opened for service. refimprove section
1971Walt Disney World, the most visited and largest recreational resort in the world, opened near Orlando, Florida. refimprove section
1971 – The first X-ray computed tomography scan, invented by Godfrey Hounsfield, was performed at Atkinson Morley Hospital in Wimbledon, England. unreferenced section
1991 – New Zealand's Resource Management Act came into effect, regulating access to natural and physical resources such as land, air and water, to ensure their sustainable use. unreferenced section
2005 – A series of terrorist suicide bombings occurred at two sites in Bali, Indonesia, killing 20 people and injuring more than 120 others. cn tags, refimprove
2009 – The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, which acquired the judicial functions of the House of Lords, began work. cleanup, refimprove section
Duncan Edwards (b. 1936) TFA for 2018
Brie Larson (b. 1989) TFA for March 1, 2019



October 1: Shemini Atzeret (Judaism, 2018); Beginning of the National Day celebrations in China (1949); Unification Day in Cameroon (1961); Filipino American History Month (begins)

St Pancras railway station
St Pancras railway station

Yaqub Spata (d. 1416) · Rose O'Neal Greenhow (d. 1864) · Zhu Rongji (b. 1928)

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