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Welcome to the WikiProject Swaziland! This group was formed to better organize articles on Swaziland in a spirit of cooperation.


This group includes within its scope all articles related to Swaziland, its cities, geography, transportation, culture, history and so on. It aims to expand Wikipedia's resources on Swaziland in a fair and accurate manner. All of these articles should be contained within the Category:Swaziland or one of its subcategories.


If you haven't already done so, please also add your name to the members list of our parent Wikipedia:WikiProject Africa.

Members should also feel free to add {{User WikiProject Swaziland}} to their userpages. This will translate to:

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Did You Know (DYK)s[edit]

The following Swaziland articles have appeared on Wikipedia's front page in the Did You Know? section:

Date appeared Article Hook line. Did you know...
23 August 2005 Umchwasho ...that umchwasho is a traditional chastity rite in Swaziland that restricts the sexual relations of unmarried women?
5 August 2008 Gabriel Mkhumane ... that Swazi police told Gabriel Mkhumane's mother that he would come home "wrapped in a black bag" hours before his death was reported?
16 October 2008 Zola Maseko ... that for his 2004 film Drum, director Zola Maseko received the top prize at FESPACO, the Golden Stallion of Yennenga, in addition to a cash prize of 10 million CFA francs (US$20,000)?
11 August 2009 Russia–Swaziland relations ... that although the Soviet Union recognised Swaziland in 1968, it wasn't until 1999 that Swazi relations with Russia were officially established?
3 May 2011 Tourism in Swaziland ... that apartheid in South Africa and the Mozambican Civil War caused an increase in the number of tourists visiting Swaziland?

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Requests listed in this section may belong somewhere else. Please help by moving them to a suitable location.

See also Index of Swaziland-related articles and Outline of Swaziland which have a number of suggested red links. Also List of kings of Swaziland.


Maps and geography[edit]
  • [2] [3] Useful small scale maps
  • U.S. Army Map Service 1:250,000 Compiled 1955, but maybe useful for finding place names of small settlements.


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