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Volume XIII, Issue 35, November 17, 2013


The Hurricane Herald is the arbitrarily periodical newsletter of WikiProject Tropical Cyclones. The newsletter aims to provide in summary the recent activities and developments of the WikiProject, in addition to global tropical cyclone activity. The Hurricane Herald has been running since its first edition ran on June 4, 2006; it has been over eight years since that time. If you wish to receive or discontinue subscription to this newsletter, please visit the mailing list. This issue of The Hurricane Herald covers all project related events in the three months since August 2013. This edition's editor and author is Hurricanehink (talk · contribs) and TheAustinMan (talk · contribs).

Please visit this page and bookmark any suggestions of interest to you. This will help improve the newsletter and other cyclone-related articles. Past editions can be viewed here.

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Storm of the month (edition) – Typhoon Haiyan

Haiyan 2013-11-07 0630Z cropped.png

Typhoon Haiyan was


Recent storms of the month
Edition Storm
34 Cyclone Evan
33 Hurricane Sandy

New WikiProject Members

More information can be found here. This list lists members who have joined/rejoined the WikiProject since the release of the last issue on August 12, 2013. Sorted chronologically. Struckout users denote users who have left or have been banned.


Member of the month (edition) – SOMEONE

Cyclone barnstar.png

Latest WikiProject Alerts

The following are the latest article developments as updated by AAlertBot, as of the publishing of this issue. Due to the bot workings, some of these updates may seem out of place; nonetheless, they are included here.

Today's featured articles
Featured article candidates
Featured list candidates
Good article nominees
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Good topic candidates
Peer reviews

WikiProject Tropical Cyclones: News & Developments


Current assessment table

Assessments valid as of this printing. Depending on when you may be viewing this newsletter, the table may be outdated. See here for the latest, most up to date statistics. UPDATE THIS FOR PUBLICATION

About the assessment scale →

From the Main Page

From the Main Page documents WikiProject related materials that have appeared on the main page since August 2013, in chronological order.

Featured articleToday's Featured Article

In addition, there were numerous Did you know? entries on the Main Page.

Featured article Featured Content

This section lists content that have become featured, articles and lists, since the last issue.

A-Class article A-Class Content

This section lists content that have been promoted to A-class since the last issue.


Project Goals & Progress

The following is the current progress on the three milestone goals set by the WikiProject as of this publishing. They can be found, updated, at the main WikiProject page.

200 featured pages89% complete
150 featured articles81.3% complete
1000 good articles69.3% complete