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eSports Task Force[edit]
eSports Task Force logo
Welcome to the eSports Task Force of WikiProject Video games! We are a group dedicated to creating and improving articles related to eSports on Wikipedia.

If you have any questions, please ask them on our discussion page, or by contacting participants of the task force.

  • This task force exists to create, maintain, and improve articles related to eSports.
Recent changes[edit]
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16 July 2018

14 July 2018

10 July 2018

9 July 2018

Article criteria[edit]

Specific criteria for editing eSports articles still need to be decided on. However, here are some guidelines in the meantime:

  • Be sure to always write from a neutral point of view. Be aware of your own biases. For example, it can be easy to write praisingly about your favorite player. Instead, write objectively about the player's notable accomplishments.
  • Make notability apparent. Avoid trivial facts and instead focus on important achievements. For example, if a player has won an international tournament, their article definitely should mention it.
  • Search for good sources and interesting facts. The topic of eSports is covered very well on the web, so we should take advantage of this.
  • Titles of articles about professional gamers should be whatever is the individual is most commonly referred to in reliable sources. Typically, but not always, this is the player's gamertag or in-game name as opposed to their legal or birth name.

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:
  • Article requests : notability guidelines for articles
  • Cleanup : Cleanup the article for SK Gaming, a top ranked Counter-Strike team from Germany.
  • Copyedit : Electronic Sports League
  • NPOV : Ensure that pages on professional gamers are written from a neutral point of view, even if they're your favorite gamer!
  • Stubs : Most articles in the scope of our project are start-class or stub-class; these should be brought up to C-class if possible.
  • Update : various older team, league, and player pages
  • Other : Discuss and create criteria for good articles specific to the scope of this task force; add the eSports template to pages within the scope of this task force.
Organizational tasks
  • Decide whether articles on eSports games are within the scope of this task force. (Done)
  • If it is decided we should, we will also need to decide which games are within the task force's scope; that is, how to define a game as an eSports game.
  • Decide on notability guidelines for professional players sometime in the future. Currently there is some concensus that there should not specifically an WP:SNG guidelines per this discussion
  • Decide how to tables like rosters and tournament results listings
  • Decide what types of tournaments are appropriate for listing
  • Make navboxes look better
  • Decide which former players to list
  • Create and maintain archive of eSports-related deletion discussions
  • Maybe standardize date format. current there are two formats being used: 2016-09-06 (Korean dates), Aug 2016 (western)




If an article is within the scope of this task force, please include the following template on its talk page:

{{WikiProject Video games|eSports=yes}}

If you would like to identify yourself as a member of this task force, place the following on your userpage:

{{User WikiProject eSports}}

ESports Logo.pngThis user is a member of the
eSports task force.
Anyone who wishes to improve articles related to eSports is welcome to join. Feel free to indicate your participation by adding your name to this list, along with any specific areas of interest. You may also want to add our userbox to your userpage.
  1. Dat GuyWiki (talk · contribs) (Mainly CS:GO and DotA 2, can do anything from players to tournaments to casters to teams)
  2. Kicking222 (talk · contribs) (I'll do whatever I can)
  3. Credema (talk · contribs) (E-Sports, games, and players.)
  4. DarthBotto (talk · contribs) (General esports coverage, with a special emphasis on Dota 2.)
  5. TitanOne (talk · contribs) (Working on Sports Titles mostly from Games developed for the NBA)
  6. NativeForeigner (talk · contribs) Reorganization of project, Starcraft
  7. Entropy (talk · contribs) (Starcraft II, reorganization and rename of project)
  8. Prisencolin (talk · contribs) (Smash Bros, but anything really)
  9. Dbzruler72 (talk · contribs) (Quake Live)
  10. Stickynote20 (talk · contribs) (MOBAS)
  11. Fredbr (talk · contribs) (LoL or CSGO mostly, but anything goes.)
  12. Orihuelasergio (talk · contribs) (economic impact)
  13. J36miles (talk · contribs) (anything)
  14. Zupotachyon (talk · contribs) (LoL/CS:GO mainly, but anything related to eSports)
  15. MinimalNerd (talk · contribs) (anything)
  16. Airplaneman (talk · contribs) (Starcraft)
  17. Larcombe (talk · contribs) (All things eSports. Try to perfect any mistakes to do with Teams and Players.)
  18. Dissident93 (talk · contribs) (Dota 2)
  19. Maplestrip (talk · contribs) (fighting games and photographs of events)
  20. zziccardi (talk · contribs) – Super Smash Bros. Melee
  21. Skybluecm (talk · contribs) (CS:GO but general upkeep also)
  22. WikiVirusC (talk · contribs) (League of Legends when able to)
  23. Sur7ur (talk · contribs) (Dota 2 - Teams, tournaments, and players.)
  24. Yinglol (talk · contribs) (League of Legends)
  25. Whackyasshackysack (talk · contribs) (Primarily Counter-Strike, but also some Overwatch and Rocket League)
  26. NotTheFakeJTP (talk · contribs) (Overwatch and Rocket League)
  1. J0lt_C0la (talk · contribs) (pretty much anything to know about Pro Gaming, especially related to Halo 2)
  2. Habap (talk · contribs) (been editing mostly Counter-Strike stuff)
  3. Zerter (talk · contribs) (everything eSports related)
  4. Randall00 (talk · contribs) (Super Smash Bros. Melee: MLG, Evo2k7 and the global smash scene in general)
  5. Digx (talk · contribs) (Counter-Strike: Source scene and Championship Gaming Series scene. I work for Complexity Gaming and CGS.
  6. ph3onix (talk · contribs) (LAN Gaming Centers, LAN Venues, Internet Cafes(Cybercafes, and anything else needed.)
  7. Googlypoo (talk · contribs) (general)
  8. Tundraa (talk · contribs) (Most eSports related topics, games such as League of Legends & Blizzard games)
  9. pgold009 (talk · contribs) (Whatever I can)

Below is a list of articles within the scope of this task force. Articles with an interesting fact should be suggested for the Did you know? box on the Main Page.

Professional gamers

This is a list of articles on professional gamers within the scope of the eSports task force.

eSports competitions

This is a list of articles on eSports competitions within the scope of the eSports task force.

eSports games

This is a list of articles on eSports games within the scope of the eSports task force.