World Tour (Bananarama)

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The World Tour
Tour by Bananarama
Associated album The Greatest Hits Collection
Start date March 21, 1989 (1989-03-21)
End date June 2, 1989 (1989-06-02)

The World Tour is the second concert tour by British girl group Bananarama. The first tour was a "warm up" under the name of "Lovekids Tour 1988" and was only performed in Japan. The 1989 World Tour supported four studio albums, Deep Sea Skiving, Bananarama, True Confessions, and Wow!. This tour which hit North America, Asia, Australia, Ireland and the UK promoted the group's Greatest Hits Collection. At the same time, Bananarama entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the all-female group who have the most chart entries in history, a record they still hold. Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward had known Jacqui O'Sullivan since they were eighteen and had invited to become a member of Bananarama as a replacement for outgoing member Siobhan Fahey, who also approved of the choice.

One new song, "Love, Truth and Honesty", was included and remixed. The other new track on the setlist was a re-recorded version of the Supremes track "Nathan Jones".

When Bananarama toured the United States in 1989, they felt they had proven to doubters—particularly the press—that they were a legitimate musical entity. As member Sara Dallin told the Washington Times, "People originally thought we wouldn't last. They thought we'd be one-hit wonders.... I think seven years' success has proved everybody wrong. We've finally got the success we deserve."

Opening Act[edit]


  1. "I Heard A Rumour"
    S. Dallin/S. Fahey/K. Woodward/M. Stock/M. Aitken/P. Waterman
  2. "Nathan Jones" (Analog Version)
    K. Wakefield/Caston
  3. "I Can't Help It"
    S. Dallin/S. Fahey/K. Woodward/M. Stock/M. Aitken/P. Waterman
  4. "Cruel Summer"
    S. Jolley/T. Swain/S. Dallin/S. Fahey/ K. Woodward
  5. "Love, Truth and Honesty" (Balearacidic Mix)
    S. Dallin/J. O'Sullivan/K. Woodward/M. Stock/ M. Aitken/P. Waterman
    Remix coutesy of Phil Harding & Ian Curnow
  6. "Venus"
    R. V. Leeuwen
  7. "Mr Sleaze"
  8. "Once In A Lifetime"
  9. "Love in the First Degree"
  10. "I Want You Back"
    S. Dallin/S. Fahey/K. Woodward/M. Stock/M. Aitken/P. Waterman
  11. "Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)"
    G. DeCarlo/D. Frashuer/P. Leka
  12. "You Give Love a Bad Name"
    J. B. Jovi/R. Sambora/D. Child


  1. "Shy Boy"
    S. Jolley/T. Swain
  2. "Robert De Niro's Waiting..."
    S. Jolley/T. Swain/S. Dallin/S. Fahey/ K. Woodward
  3. "Really Saying Something"
    N. Whitfield/W. Stevenson/E. Holland, Jr

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country
March 21, 1989 Boston United States
March 22, 1989 Montreal Canada
March 24, 1989 Washington, D.C. United States
March 25, 1989 New York City
March 27, 1989 Detroit
March 28, 1989 Chicago
March 29, 1989 Milwaukee
March 30, 1989 Minneapolis
April 1, 1989 Denver
April 3, 1989 Salt Lake City
April 5, 1989 Santa Rosa
April 6, 1989 San Francisco
April 7, 1989 Los Angeles
April 14, 1989 Melbourne Australia
April 15, 1989 Sydney
April 16, 1989 Melbourne
April 21, 1989 Yokohama Japan
April 22, 1989 Nagoya
April 23, 1989 Osaka
April 25, 1989 Tokyo
April 26, 1989
April 27, 1989 Ōmiya-ku, Saitama
April 28, 1989 Fukuoka
May 1, 1989 Manila Philippines
May 2, 1989
May 3, 1989
May 6, 1989 Hong Kong Hong Kong
May 8, 1989 Jakarta Indonesia
May 9, 1989
May 11, 1989 Bangkok Thailand
May 15, 1989 Whitley Bay England
May 16, 1989 Edinburgh Scotland
May 18, 1989 London England
May 19, 1989
May 20, 1989 Sheffield
May 22, 1989 Birmingham
May 23, 1989 Sheffield
May 25, 1989 Southampton
May 26, 1989 Brighton
May 27, 1989 Newport Wales
May 28, 1989 Liverpool England
May 30, 1989 St Austell
May 31, 1989 London
June 1, 1989 Dublin Ireland
June 2, 1989
Cancelled because of a bomb scare.
Belfast Northern Ireland