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Founded 2009[1]
Style Women's professional wrestling
Headquarters Tampa, Florida
Founder(s) Jonathan Vargas
Owner(s) Jonathan Vargas
Johnny Cafarella
Jimmy Hart
Website Wrestlicious.com

Wrestlicious is an American women's professional wrestling promotion based in Tampa, Florida. The company was founded by Jonathan Vargas, who won a Powerball jackpot of $35.3 million in 2008.[2] It is known for its sketch comedy and has been often compared to Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.


Former Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling host and producer Johnny Cafarella and Jimmy Hart partnered with Jonathan Vargas. In March 2009, a trailer was released promoting Wrestlicious. Originally rumored as airing on Fox Network in fall 2009, the Wrestlicious Takedown series eventually aired in syndication beginning in March 2010. Throughout 2010, Wrestlicious signed several new wrestlers (to replace many of the women that had worked for them during the original 2008 tapings and were now unavailable), and then taped new matches beginning in May 2010 to air on Takedown.

Wrestlicious TakeDown[edit]

Wrestlicious TakeDown
Created by Jonathan Vargas
Johnny Cafarella
Jimmy Hart
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 13 (as of November 15, 2010)
Location(s) Tampa, Florida
Camera setup Multicamera setup
Running time Approximately 30 minutes per episode
(22 minutes and commercials)
Original network MavTV
BiteTV America One Loaded TV
Original release March 1, 2010 (2010-03-01)[3]

Wrestlicious TakeDown was the Main Television program produced by Wrestlicious which ran on Dish Network, via MavTV in the United States and BiteTV in Canada, as well as in syndication. The first season consists of 13 episodes.[4] Wrestlicious TakeDown began airing on Monday with its first episode airing on March 1, 2010[5] However it was announced the following Thursday on March 4, 2010, that the show would be moving to Wednesday.[6] On May 16, 2011, it was announced that Wrestlicious is returning with its employees back to begin a second season[7]

On June 12, 2016 it was reported that there is a Wrestlicious reality TV series in the works.


It was announced on March 27, 2010 that Wrestlicious TakeDown will begin airing on many television stations throughout the United States starting around April 1 and May 1, 2010.[8]

Vargas appeared on the show as "JV Rich", the laid back and affable Rapper-Owner of Wrestlicious. Regular features will include "JV's CRIB", a look at the goings-on inside JV's mansion frequented by the Wrestlicious girls.

As of summer 2017, Wrestilicious has yet to release a second season, secure a television deal, or promote new shows.



Ring name Real name Notes
Alexandra the Great Danyah Rivietz
Anaconda Cher Ferrerya
Amber Lively Ashley Simmons
Autumn Frost Jennifer Blake
Bandita Unknown Also manages Maria Toro
Beatrice Bristol Holly Blossom
Brooke Lynne Rebecca Treston
Charlotte Kimberly Davis
Cobra Jwaundace Candece
Cousin Cassie Unknown
Draculetta Shannon Spruill
Emo Leigh Leva Bates
Felony Bonnie Maxon
Fran Mary Beth Bentley
Glory The All American Hero Christie Mathis Wrestlicious Champion
Gert Unknown
Jailbait Unknown
Jezebel James Allison Plunkett
Kandi Kisses Elizabeth Miklosi Managed by The Gumdrops
Kickstart Katie Nevaeh
Lacey Von Erich Lacey Adkisson
Lil Slamm Unknown
Paige Webb Serena Deeb
Malibu Mackenzie Lana Kinnear
Maria Toro Mercedes Martinez
Masked Millie Unknown
Maui Maria Santella
Penelope Bristol Hannah Blossom
Sierra Sherraton Erica D'Erico
Tina The Trigger Nicki Tebeau
Toni the Top Nikki Tsugranes
Tyler Texas Amy Janas
Viper Jeannie Kim
White Magic Lacey

Other on-air personnel[edit]

Ring name Real name Notes
Azziza Unknown
Bootcamp Bailey Taylor Marion On-screen trainer
Charity Falycia Rose Pulver Manager of The Naughty Girls
Commissioner Blance Steven Blance Play-by-play commentator
Jimmy Hart Jimmy Hart Co-Host
Johnny C. Johnny Cafarella Play-by-play commentator
Johnny C. Junior Andrew Omega Ring announcer
JV Rich Jonathan Vargas Owner
Leyla Milani Leyla Milani Khoshbin Co-Host
Officer Bubba Brad Niederer Manager of Felony
Savannah Unknown Co-host
Occasional wrestler
Shauna Na Unknown
Sister Ophelia Mary-Kate Duignan Manager of The Naughty Girls

Stables and Tag Teams[edit]

Team name Members Notes
The Bristols Beatrice and Penelope Bristol
The Country Cuties Cousin Cassie and Tyler Texas
Jimmy's Angels Anaconda, Cobra and Viper
The Lunch Ladies Fran and Gert
The Naughty Girls Charity, Hope and Faith
The Southern Belles Charlotte and Savannah
TNT Tina the Trigger and Toni the Top

Wrestlicious Championship[edit]

# Wrestlers Reign Date Days
Location Event Notes
1 Glory 1 May 24, 2010 176 Tampa, Florida Wrestlicious TakeDown Defeated Felony to become the inaugural champion. Title deactivated after company stopped production.

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