Ynys Bery

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Ynys Bery
Ynys Bery from Ramsey Island.png
Ynys Bery from Ramsey Island
Ynys Bery is located in Wales
Ynys Bery
Ynys Bery
Coordinates 51°50′56.72″N 5°20′27.02″W / 51.8490889°N 5.3408389°W / 51.8490889; -5.3408389
County Pembrokeshire
Population 0

Ynys Bery is a small island south of Ramsey Island, Pembrokeshire, Wales.


The island's name in Welsh means falcon's Island.[1]


It is the site of a shipwreck: the S.S. Graffoe (a 2,996-ton steamship bound from Glasgow to Buenos Aires with coal) struck Ramsey Island and sank at the northern end of Ynys Bery in 1903. It lies at a depth of 15 metres, and is one of many Pembrokeshire wrecks popular with divers. Ynys Bery's highest point is 71 metres[2] (233 feet), the highest of Wales`s islets.

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Coordinates: 51°50′57″N 5°20′27″W / 51.84909°N 5.34084°W / 51.84909; -5.34084