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For other uses, see Buttar (disambiguation).
Jat Clan
Location Pakistan, India
Descended from Indo-Scythians
Language Punjabi, Urdu, English
Religion Islam, Sikhism

Buttar is a clan as well as surname of Jat people in the Punjab[1] and also abroad as they migrated overseas. Its members live in the Punjab region (West Punjab & East Punjab), mainly the Malwa belt.[citation needed]


The Buttar clan was a part of the warrior Deol clan, and later was divided into the clan it is now.[citation needed] Bhai Tara Singh Wan, the eighteenth century Sikh martyr, was a Buttar Jat of village Wan, also known as Dall-Wan in Amritsar district (then Lahore District). His father, Gurdas Singh, was also a noted martyr.


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