California's 3rd State Senate district

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California's 3rd State Senate district
Map of the district
Current senator Lois Wolk (DDavis)
Registration 47.78% Democratic
Demographics 51.52% White
8.01% Black
24.98% Latino
12.48% Asian
1.00% Native American
0.64% Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
0.32% other
1.04% remainder of multiracial
Population (2010)
 • Voting age
 • Citizen voting age
Registered voters 459,162

California's 3rd State Senate district is one of 40 California State Senate districts. It is currently represented by Democrat Lois Wolk of Davis.

District profile[edit]

The district stretches over the northern San Francisco Bay Area and the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta regions. It includes parts of the North Bay, Wine Country, and the Sacramento Valley.

Election results from statewide races[edit]

Year Office Results
2012 President Obama 65.4 – 32.0%
Senator Feinstein 68.0 – 32.0%

List of senators[edit]

Due to redistricting, the 3rd district has been moved around different parts of the state. The current iteration resulted from the 2011 redistricting by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission.

Senator Party Dates
  D. S. Gregory Democratic
Warren Chase Workingmen
  Patrick W. Murphy Democratic
Delos Ashley Know Nothing
  B. C. Whiting Democratic
  John H. Watson Democratic
  W. H. Patterson Republican
  William Frederick Prisk Democratic
  M. H. Mead Democratic
  George Steele Republican
  Tirey L. Ford Republican 1892-1897
  John R. Tyrrell Republican 1900–1904
  John B. Irish Republican 1904–1908
  E. S. Birdsall Republican 1908–1916
  Thomas Ingram Republican 1916–1929
  Bert Alford Cassidy Republican 1929–1932
  Harry A. Perry Republican 1932–1936
  Irwin T. Quinn Democratic 1936–1948
  Michael J. Burns Republican 1948–1952
  Arthur W. Way Republican 1952–1953
  Stephen P. Teale Democratic 1953–1956
  Carl L. Christensen Jr. Democratic 1956–1966
  Stephen P. Teale Democratic 1966–1972
  Clare Berryhill Republican 1972–1976
  Albert S. Rodda Democratic 1976–1980
  John T. Doolittle Republican 1980–1984
  Milton Marks Democratic 1984–1996
  John L. Burton Democratic 1996–2004
  Carole Migden Democratic 2004–2008
  Mark Leno Democratic 2008–2012
  Lois Wolk Democratic 2012–present

Election results[edit]


California State Senate election, 2012
Primary election
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Lois Wolk (incumbent) 116,403 96.9
Republican Frank Miranda (write-in) 2,402 2.0
Republican Gary Clift (write-in) 1,341 1.1
Total votes 120,146 100.0
General election
Democratic Lois Wolk (incumbent) 233,406 66.2
Republican Frank Miranda 119,033 33.8
Total votes 352,439 100.0
Democratic hold

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