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This article is about the valley in Ventura County. For the valley in Santa Clara County, California, see Santa Clara Valley. For the California wine region, see Santa Clara Valley AVA.

The Santa Clara River Valley is a valley in Ventura County, California that has been given the moniker Heritage Valley by the namesake tourism bureau.[1] Named for the Santa Clara River,[2] which winds through the valley before emptying into the Pacific Ocean between the cities of Ventura and Oxnard, the tourist bureau describes it as ".... Southern California's last pristine agricultural valley nestled along the banks of the free-flowing Santa Clara River," ... the "valley incorporates the communities of Santa Paula, Fillmore, Piru and the national historic landmark of Rancho Camulos."[3]

Santa Clara River Valley from SR 126


The Santa Clara River Valley is bordered by Los Padres National Forest and the Sespe Condor Sanctuary to the north and the Santa Susana Mountains to the south. The valley stretches from the boundary of northwest Los Angeles County and the northern Santa Clarita Valley on the east to the Oxnard Plain on the west marked by South Mountain[4] on the south bank of the river. The Santa Clarita Valley is part of the upper watershed of the river.


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