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Charanda is an alcoholic liquor derived from sugar cane,[1] similar to rum.

Typically the drink is associated with the state of Michoacán in Mexico, in particular the Tarascan-populated areas in the vicinity of Uruapan. The flavor is a buttery sweet, similar to vanilla and is usually served at room temperature. This liquor has been around for hundreds of years before the conquest by the Spanish, which is one of the reasons the Tarascan named it Charanda in their native language, as opposed to rum (sugar cane comes from Asia). Charanda Urauapn Blanco and Charanda El Tarasco Reposado was first imported into the US in 1996 by California Wine & Spirits Company. The California based importer founder, Mark Howard distributed in California and Illinois. Charanda is now being imorted and distributed by California based company OAG Liquor Importers, Inc. in Carlsbad, Ca. The founders of OAG Liquor Importers are Octavio Corona, Art Paclibar and Gustavo De La Cruz. Charanda comes in many brands just like any other distilled spirit. Some of the most popular to name a few and currently imported to the United States are Charanda Tres Extra Reposado, Charanda Tarasco Blanco, Charanda Tarasco Reposado, Charanda Tarasco Añejo, and Charanda Uruapan Blanco.