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Gender Male
Language(s) Gaelic
Meaning "little dark one"
Region of origin Ireland/Scotland
Other names
Alternative spelling Ciaran
Variant form(s) Ciaran, Kieran, Kyran, Kerry, Keiron, Keiren, Kieren, Ceiran, Ceeran
Related names Ciara

Ciarán (Irish) or Ciaran (Scottish)[1][2] is a Gaelic male given name meaning "little dark one" or "blacky",[3] produced by appending a diminutive suffix to ciar ("black", "dark").[4][5] The female form is Ciara.

The name became common in reference to Ciar, son of Fergus mac Róich,[6] who gave his name to the Ciarraige and County Kerry,[7] and two 6th-century saints both counted among the Twelve Apostles of Ireland, Ciarán the Elder and Ciarán the Younger.

It is anglicized in various ways: Ciaran, Kieran, Kyran, Keiron, Keiren, Kieren, Ceiran, etc.

Notable people[edit]


People with the given name Keiren[edit]

People with the given name Kieran[edit]

People with the given name Kieren[edit]

People with the given name Kieron[edit]

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