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Systematic (IUPAC) name
Clinical data
AHFS/ Micromedex Detailed Consumer Information
Legal status
Routes topical
CAS number 54063-32-0
ATC code D07AB01 S01BA09
PubChem CID 71387
ChemSpider 64482 YesY
KEGG D07717 YesY
Synonyms (8S,9R,10S,13S,14S,16S,17R)-17-(2-Chloroacetyl)-9-fluoro-17-hydroxy-10,13,16-trimethyl-7,8,12,14,15,16-hexahydro-6H-cyclopenta[a]phenanthrene-3,11-dione
Chemical data
Formula C22H26ClFO4 
Mol. mass 408.891
 YesY (what is this?)  (verify)

Clobetasone (INN[1]) is a corticosteroid used in dermatology, for treating such skin inflammation as seen in eczema, psoriasis and other forms of dermatitis, and ophthalmology.

It is available as clobetasone butyrate under the brand name Eumosone, Eumovate[2] or Trimovate,[3] both manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline.

As Trimovate, it also contains Oxytetracycline, an antibiotic, and nystatin, an antifungal.[4][5]


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