Echus Chasma

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Echus Chasma
Hebes & Echus chasmata.jpg
View of part of Echus Chasma (upper left) in mosaic of THEMIS infrared images. Hebes Chasma is at upper center and right, and Perrotin Crater is just left of lower center.
Coordinates 1°00′N 278°00′E / 1.0°N 278.0°E / 1.0; 278.0Coordinates: 1°00′N 278°00′E / 1.0°N 278.0°E / 1.0; 278.0
Length 100 km
Width 10 km
Depth 4 km

Echus Chasma is a chasma in the Lunae Planum high plateau north of the Valles Marineris canyon system of Mars.[1] Clay has been found within it, meaning that water once sat there for a time.[2]


Echus Chasma is approximately 100 km long and 10 km wide, with valleys ranging in depth from around 1 km to 4 km.[1][3] It is the source region of the Kasei Valles outflow channel, which extends northward from it. It is situated just west of Hebes Chasma, to which it does not connect.

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