McMurdo (crater)

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McMurdo Crater
Close-up of McMurdo Crater Layers.JPG
Close-up of Layers in wall of McMurdo Crater, as seen by HiRISE.
Planet Mars
Coordinates 84°24′S 359°06′W / 84.4°S 359.1°W / -84.4; -359.1Coordinates: 84°24′S 359°06′W / 84.4°S 359.1°W / -84.4; -359.1
Eponym McMurdo Station, Antarctica

McMurdo Crater is a crater in the Mare Australe quadrangle of Mars, located at 84.4° S and 359.1° W. It is 30.3 km in diameter and was named after McMurdo Station in Antarctica.[1]


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