Pickering (Martian crater)

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Pickering Crater.JPG
Pickering Crater lava flow, as seen by HiRISE. Click on image to see details at edge of flow
Planet Mars
Region Phaethontis quadrangle
Coordinates 33°06′S 132°30′W / 33.1°S 132.5°W / -33.1; -132.5Coordinates: 33°06′S 132°30′W / 33.1°S 132.5°W / -33.1; -132.5
Diameter 115 kilometres (71 mi)

Pickering Crater is a crater in the Phaethontis quadrangle on Mars, located at 33.1° south latitude and 132.5° west longitude. It is 115 kilometres (71 mi) in diameter and was named after several people: Edward Charles, American astronomer (1846–1919); William Henry, American astronomer (1858–1938); and Sir William Hayward, New Zealand-American engineer (1910–2004).[1]