Tiu Valles

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Tiu Valles
Tiu Valles Ridges.JPG
Tiu Valles Ridges, as seen by HiRISE. Ridges were probably formed by running water. Scale bar is 1 km long.
Coordinates 15°54′N 35°42′W / 15.9°N 35.7°W / 15.9; -35.7Coordinates: 15°54′N 35°42′W / 15.9°N 35.7°W / 15.9; -35.7

Tiu Valles is an outflow channel in the Oxia Palus quadrangle of Mars, centered at 15.9° North and 35.7° West.

It is 1,720 km long and was named after the word for "Mars" in old English (West Germanic).[1]