Maunder (Martian crater)

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Maunder Crater
Maunder Crater.JPG
Maunder Crater, as seen by HiRISE. The overhang is part of the degraded south (toward bottom) wall of crater. The scale bar is 500 meters long.
Planet Mars
Coordinates 50°00′S 358°30′W / 50°S 358.5°W / -50; -358.5Coordinates: 50°00′S 358°30′W / 50°S 358.5°W / -50; -358.5
Diameter 107.5 km
Eponym Edward W.Maunder, British astronomer (1851-1928)

Maunder Crater is an old, eroded crater in the Noachis quadrangle of Mars, located at 50 South and 358.5 West. It is 107.5 km in diameter and was named after Edward W.Maunder, a British astronomer (1851-1928). [1]