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Muslims constitute over 17.3% of Mauritius population.[1] Muslims of Mauritius are of Indian descent, however there is a growing number of creole converts to Islam. The vernacular language is Urdu/Hindi.

The 1968 constitution of Mauritius recognized four religious categories: Hindus, Muslims, Sino-Mauritians, and the general population. According to a 1989 estimate of a total population of 1,080,000, Muslims constituted about 16 percent (179,280).[citation needed]

Approximately 95 percent are Sunni Muslims,[2] having an understanding of the Urdu language. Within the Muslim community, there are three distinct ethnics that exist, notably the Memons and the Surtees (who are rich merchants who came from Kutch and Surat province of Gujarat in India), then the "Hindi Calcattias" who came to Mauritius as indentured labourer from Bihar. Humeirah, a novel by Sabah Carrim is a story about the Memons and the "Hindi Calcattias". It is set on the island of Mauritius.

Other languages include Bhojpuri, Gujarati, and Tamil. Among the Shi'a minority, some have their origins in different parts of South Asia, while others are adherents of the Shia Ismaili sect from East Africa. The majority of Shias are Ithna 'ashariyah with small Ismaili sect.

The first purpose-built Mosque in Mauritius is the Camp des Lascars Mosque in around 1805. It is now officially known as the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Jummah Mosque in Port Louis was built in the 1850s and is often described as one of the most beautiful religious building in Mauritius by the Ministry of Tourism's guide. There are many smaller mosques in the towns and villages. The highest concentration of Muslims is found in the capital Port Louis, predominantly in the Plaine Verte, Ward IV, Valle Pitot and Camp Yoloff neighborhood.

Most people of the Muslim community follows the Sunni Belief. However there is also a minority of Shia and Ahmadi. The Islamic Authority recognized by the Government is Jummah Mosque Port Louis.

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Muslim of Tabligi Jamat also follow sunni belief

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