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Virus classification
Group: Group I (dsDNA)
Family: Marseilleviridae


Marseilleviridae is a family of double stranded DNA viruses. It is a member of the nucleocytoplasmic large DNA viruses clade.


One of the first members of this family was described in 2009 [1]. Other members described around then (2007) and since then have been documented [2].


There is one genus (Marseillevirus) in this family and one species within this genus currently recognised. It was originally grouped with the Mimivirus but subsequent studies showed it to be only distantly related.

Additional species have since been recognised.[3] The first member of this family recognised has been named Acanthamoeba polyphaga marseillevirus. A second member is Acanthamoeba castellanii lausannevirus. Two additional viruses have been isolated but have yet to be named. Another member of this family has been isolated from blood donors.[4] An isolate from insects – Insectomime virus – has also been reported.[5]


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