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My O2
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Developer(s) Telefónica O2 UK
Operating system Web-based
Type Internet suite
License Subscription
Website My O2

My O2 is a collection of online services offered exclusively to O2 customers by O2. All users of My O2 received an email address, showing the user's ties to the O2 service.



O2 Bluebook was launched on 3 March 2008. It is a free to use service that automatically backs up all incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS messages, and phone numbers to an online account. The data that have been stored online can be organised, edited and displayed online and can be viewed and shared with anyone.[1]

O2 Bluebook also offers a blogging service, Blueblog, where users can blog using photos and messages stored directly from their mobile phones.[1]


O2 Calendar is a free time-management web application that synchronises using Push functions. If a user makes a change to an event on any device it will be automatically synced to the O2 servers and, by extension, all the user's other devices, such as the O2 Joggler. The service can be configured to send reminders of upcoming events via SMS to O2 users.


O2 Webmail is a free webmail service provided by O2. Users receive an email address.

The service provides an initial storage capacity of 20 MB per user. O2 Broadband users receive additional storage capacities, with primary users receiving 1 GB of storage, and secondary users receiving 200 MB of storage.[2]

iPhone app[edit]

The Balance page on the My O2 application on the iPhone.

The My O2 iPhone app is a free iPhone application, developed in collaboration with Mobile Interactive Group (MIG),[3] that displays various information about the users account. The application requires a four digit PIN when launched, and is only available to Pay Monthly and Pay & Go customers on O2.[4] The app is divided into four sections; Balance, Tariff, Bill, and More.[5]


The Balance page is displayed as default when the app is launched, and provides a summary of available and used minutes and texts, displayed as a meter, as well as when the next billing cycle will begin.


The Tariff page displays information on the users current tariff, such as the tariffs inclusive allowances, including the duration, and when it is set for renewal.


The Bill page provides an overview of the users monthly bill costs, and lists the previous and current months amounts.


The More page provides a link to iPhone Help, and also to sign out of the app.

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