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This article is about the Gorillaz fictional member. For the American guitarist, see Noodles (musician).
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Background information
Born (1990-10-31) 31 October 1990 (age 23)
Origin Osaka, Japan
Occupations Musician, singer, songwriter, guitarist
Instruments Vocals, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Bass guitar, Keyboard, Synthesizer, Melodica
Years active 1998–2006; 2010–present
Labels Parlophone, Virgin, Warner Bros. Records
Associated acts Gorillaz
Website Official

Noodle (born 31 October 1990) is a fictional Japanese musician and member of the virtual band Gorillaz. She provides the guitar, as well as some main and backing vocals for the band. Noodle has been voiced by the likes of Japanese actress Haruka Kuroda, singer-songwriter Miho Hatori of trip-hop group Cibo Matto, Talking Heads bassist Tina Weymouth, and solo musician Rosie Walker aka Roses Gabor. Like all other band members of Gorillaz, she was created in 1998 by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett.


Noodle arrived on Murdoc Niccals' doorstep in a FedEx crate, in immediate response to the ad they placed for a guitarist in NME. She couldn't speak English beyond the word "Noodle", thus earning her name. She quickly got settled in England with the Gorillaz, and was accepted as the fourth member of the band.

"El Mañana"[edit]

In March 2006, the Gorillaz video "El Mañana" was released.

Trapped in hell[edit]

When the Gorillaz web site still allowed visitors to tour Kong Studios, a radio could be heard in the basement, broadcasting a distress call from Noodle. The message was printed as an epilogue in the Gorillaz book, Rise of the Ogre:

Murdoc! Russel... Is anybody there?! It's me, Noodle... Is there anybody there! You need to reply... Helllloooo! Come In ... It's Noodle ... I've found the missing code ... They're coming! ... (quieter) The reception here is really terrible ... (Back to normal volume) MURDOC! ... Murdoc, you got to get the combin ...! Come in! They know where you ... Mur ... You must get out! ... It's coming from BENEATH the building! You have to get out! ... Murdoc, hurry before it's too late. MAYDAY ... MAYDAY ... Murdoc! COME IN GORILLAZ!'
—Transmission from Noodle (In the epilogue of Rise of the Ogre)

Cyborg Noodle[edit]

Cyborg Noodle
Also known as Android or Evil Noodle, Robotic Noodle (By Noodle), Noodle the Doppelgänger (By Russel)
Occupations Musician, Auto-Tuned singer, guitarist
Instruments Vocals, guitar, keyboard, melodica, bass guitar, banjo, piano
Years active 2010–2011
Labels Parlophone, Virgin
Associated acts Gorillaz

Cyborg Noodle was the newest member for virtual band Gorillaz created for their album Plastic Beach. In the storyline, she was created by the band leader, Murdoc, as a replacement for the band's original guitarist, Noodle, whose whereabouts were allegedly unknown.

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