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Estuaire Province Haut-Ogooué Moyen-Ogooué Ngounié Nyanga Province Ogooué-Ivindo Ogooué-Lolo Ogooué-Maritime Woleu-NtemA clickable map of Gabon exhibiting its nine provinces.
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Gabon is divided into nine provinces (capitals in parentheses)-

  1. Estuaire (Libreville)
  2. Haut-Ogooué (Franceville)
  3. Moyen-Ogooué (Lambaréné)
  4. Ngounié (Mouila)
  5. Nyanga (Tchibanga)
  6. Ogooué-Ivindo (Makokou)
  7. Ogooué-Lolo (Koulamoutou)
  8. Ogooué-Maritime (Port-Gentil)
  9. Woleu-Ntem (Oyem)

These provinces are further divided into 50 departments.

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