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Some of the earliest Tatar rock bands were Soviet bands Saq-Soq and Bolgar, as well as Başqarma from Finland, bands active in the late 1980s. Today the most popular Tatar rock bands are Alqanat (since 2005) from Aqtanış and Xat (since 2001) from Sarman. Some other popular bands are: KGB, Yar band, İlsöyä Bädretdineva, İsmail, rhymes and 116.

Traditionally, Tatar rock music has been a Tatar language version of Russian rock. The lyrics and vocals have more importance than instrumental sounds.

Other pop-rock groups include Malaylar, Yarda and Ataqlı Radio Şäxeslär. Pop singer Alsou has sung, at times, in her native Tatar.