The Green Movement (Israel)

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The Israel Green Movement
Leader Eran Ben-Yemini and Alon Tal
Founded 2008
Ideology Green Zionism, Social democracy, Secularism
Seats in Knesset 0
Politics of Israel
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The Green Movement (Hebrew: התנועה הירוקה‎, HaTnu`a HaYeruqa) is a social-environmental political party in Israel. Formed in 2008, it contested the 2009 elections in an alliance with Meimad. It contested the 2013 elections in an alliance with Hatnuah. Party leader Alon Tal was given the 13th spot on the party list. However, Hatnuah only won 6 mandates.


The party was established in late 2008 by Eran Ben-Yemini and Alon Tal. It ran a joint list with Meimad for the 2009 elections after Meimad ended its alliance with the Labor Party.[1] Meimad leader Michael Melchior headed its list and Ben-Yemini and Tal in second and third place, whilst former Shinui MK Meli Polishook-Bloch was also on its list in eleventh place.[2] However, it failed to win a seat in the Knesset after failing to pass the election threshold, receiving the largest number of votes of any party not to do so.