Virgin Health Bank

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Virgin Health Bank
Type Private (Limited liability)
Founded 2009
Headquarters Doha, Qatar
Products Cord Blood Banking

Virgin Health Bank is a transplant quality cord blood stem cell bank that combines services with educational initiatives for families and the medical community.

Cord blood banking enables stem cells to be collected from the blood remaining in a baby’s umbilical cord and then cryo-preserved so that they can be used in therapies should the child or other matched recipients require them.

Virgin Health Bank was established to fulfil three key purposes:

  1. To provide families with access to transplant quality cord blood stem cell banking services.
  2. To provide families with access to honest and accurate information about cord blood banking, empowering them to make truly informed choices about storing their baby’s stem cells.
  3. To develop awareness and understanding of cord blood banking amongst both the general population and the medical communities.

Virgin Health Bank operates in the United Kingdom and in the State of Qatar.[citation needed]


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