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Coordinates: 40°47′24″N 48°09′07″E / 40.79000°N 48.15194°E / 40.79000; 48.15194

City & Municipality
Skyline of Ismayilly
Ismayilly is located in Azerbaijan
Coordinates: 40°47′24″N 48°09′07″E / 40.79000°N 48.15194°E / 40.79000; 48.15194
Country  Azerbaijan
Rayon Ismailli
Established 1967
 • Head of Executive Power Mirdamad Sadigov
Elevation 657 m (2,156 ft)
Population (2010)
 • Total 14,805
Time zone AZT (UTC+4)
 • Summer (DST) AZT (UTC+5)
Area code(s) +994 178
Website [1]

Ismayilly (Azerbaijani: İsmayıllı) is a town and capital of the Ismailli Rayon of Azerbaijan. Population 14,435 (2008).

Political economy[edit]

The political and economic life of İsmayıllı is dominated by local representatives and clients of the Azerbaijani strongman Ilham Aliyev such as the local governor of Ismailli Rayon Nizami Alakbarov. In January, 2013 rioting broke out after a client of the ruling party from Baku became involved in a fight with a local taxi driver after a traffic accident. The businessman from Baku owned a hotel rumored to contain a brothel controlled by Governor Nizami Alakbarov. A mob of several thousand local citizens defended the driver, rioted, burned the hotel and attacked the residences of the governor and his son. Police fought back with water cannons and scores were arrested.[1]


There are of enterprises such as light and food industries, asphalt plant in Ismayilli. There has been found and obtained granite in the mountains near to Ismayilli. The rayon has a strong agriculture. A kolkhoz named after Kalinin and located in Ivanovka village is famous for its achievements and has a broad fame beyond the borders of Azerbaijan.

  • A poultry factory was constructed in 1978. Its territory is 9.7 ha. In 1986, its activity was stopped. Since 2004, it is functioning as a private sector enterprise that produces hen sausage. At present there are 60 thousand birds. Working personnel consists of 75 people. It is planned to expand the total number of birds up to 150-200 thousand and the working personnel up to 150 people.
  • Brake factory “Ragub FK” was constructed in 1989. Its territory is 2 ha. In 1993, the factory’s activity was stopped, but since 2004 the factory is functioning as a private enterprise. Productive power of the factory is equal to 6 million units of the product per year. Working personnel consists of 90 employees.
  • Production enterprise of Lahij is a state enterprise being at “Azerkhalcha” productive union’s disposal. It is functioning since 1966. Its territory is 3300 km² and 103 employees work there. The enterprise produces 450–500 km² of carpet per year.
  • Lahij enterprise which produces carpets is a state enterprise being at “Azerkhalcha” productive union’s disposal. It began its activity in 1984. In 2001, the enterprise’s activity was stopped, but in 2004 its activity was re-established. 72 employees work at the enterprise, which produces 300–350 thousand km² of carpet per annum. Its territory is 1 ha.
  • “Sharab No. 1” was built in 1930. Till 1966 it was functioned as a wine factory using 10 thousand tones of grape per annum. Since 2003, the factory is functioning as a private enterprise and produces wine and cognac.

Besides that there is a workshop producing kalaghai (national headscarf) in Basgal, pharmaceutical LLC “Shafa-T”, four milk enterprises, a workshop producing table water, some private carpet weaving workshops and also some little and middle enterprises in Ismayilli.

Twin cities[edit]

  • Japan - Ito, Japan, from 2013

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