2018 Vintage Yachting Games

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2018 Vintage Yachting Games
Edition 3rd
Venue Copenhagen,  Denmark
Host Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub and the dk:Hellerup Sejlklub
Key people
Dinghies Europe Venus symbol.svg, Europe Mars symbol.svg,
O-Jolle, 12m² Sharpie, Flying Dutchman
Keelboats Tempest, Soling, Dragon, 5.5 Metre
VIP race 12' Dinghy
Candidate classes Star, Tornado and former Olympic Metre classes
← 2012

The 2018 Vintage Yachting Games would be the 3rd post-Olympic multi-class sailing event for discontinued Olympic classes. The event was originally planned to be held at Weymouth Bay in Dorset, Great Britain for 2016. However, early 2015 the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy returned the right to organize the event. After a new selection procedure the Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub and the dk:Hellerup Sejlklub, Copenhagen, Denmark were selected to host the third edition. Since it was not possible to find a periode in 2016 were the Vintage Classes and the host club without overlapping events the third edition was postponed to 2018. The Vintage Yachting Games Organization (VYGO) will govern the organization.


First bidding process[edit]

The first bidding process was officially launched on 14 December 2010.[1] The bidding process intended to run till 31 December 2011. This period was extended on request of several candidates.

Before the bidding process started there was an interest for hosting the event from:

During the bidding process this group extended with:

By the end of the process two candidates host clubs were left:

  •  Romania Black sea (Finally there was no formal bid by Romania.)
  •  United Kingdom Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy
  •  France Douarnenez (Douarnenez decided on the day of the closing of the bidding process not to proceed for the 2016 Vintage Yachting Games but for the 2020 event. and withdraw from the bidding process.)

The Vintage Yachting Games supervisory board finally voted unanimous to accept the bid of the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy and not for reopening or extending the bidding process. The venue of the 2016 Vintage Yachting Games was formally announced during the closing ceremony of the 2012 edition.

Second bidding process[edit]

When the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy withdraw from the event a second bidding process was started. Bids arrived from four countries:

  •  Italy Circolo Nautico Punta Imperatore, Forio d’Ischia
  •  Denmark Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub and Hellerup Sejlklub
  •  Germany Lübecker Yacht - Club, (as part of the Travemünder Woche)
  •  Austria Union Yacht Club Attersee and the Segel Club Kammersee

The classes than had the possibilitie to vote. As result the Danish bid was chosen unanimously for the third edition (2018) and the Austria for the fourth edition (year t.b.d. 2020 - 2022).

Voting result[edit]

The bonus point system was used over the eight voting classes (no discard)
1  Denmark 10 points
2  Austria 47.7 points
3  Germany 53.4 points
4  Italy 64.4 points

Vintage Yachting Classes[edit]

Current Vintage Yachting Classes

Estimated participation[edit]

Based upon the fact that the Vintage Yachting Games Organization aims for about 20 boats at the starting line the first estimated number of participants boats will be 240 and 480 sailors. Quota per country will not be used until a threshold of 25 boats in a class is reached.


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Information about the organization, conditions, sailors and results can be verified by the:

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  • International Europe Class Union: Europe
  • International Twelve Foot Dinghy Class Association: 12' Dinghy
  • Olympiajolle Class Union: O-Jolle
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  • International Tempest Association: Tempest
  • International Soling Association: Soling
  • International Dragon Association: Dragon
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