2007 Afro-Asian Games

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II Afro-Asian Games
Host city Algeria Algiers, Algeria

The Algiers Afro-Asian Games were an expected major international multi-sport event, to be held in Algiers, Algeria.[1] The event, however, has been postponed indefinitely. It is uncertain when it will be held.

After the success of the Inaugural Afro-Asian Games, the second edition of the Games were set to go underway. However, the Algerian Government has decided to postpone the event.

Reasons for postponement[edit]

Algiers was "ready" to host the second Afro-Asian Games, and it was scheduled to be held from July to August, 2007. However, the Games were indefinitely postponed.[2] The President of the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA), Lassana Palenfo, said that:

It is impossible for us to host the Afro-Asian Games, as the Asians have failed to line up their gold medallists.


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