40th Golden Globe Awards

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40th Golden Globe Awards
DateJanuary 29, 1983
Best Film: Drama E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
Best Film: Musical or Comedy Tootsie
Best Drama Series Hill Street Blues
Best Musical or Comedy Series Fame

The 40th Golden Globe Awards, honoring the best in film and television for 1982, were given on 29 January 1983.

Winners and nominees[edit]


Best Motion Picture
Drama Comedy or Musical
Best Performance in a Motion Picture – Drama
Actor Actress
Best Performance in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical
Actor Actress
Best Supporting Performance in a Motion Picture – Drama, Comedy or Musical
Supporting Actor Supporting Actress
Best Director Best Screenplay
Best Original Score Best Original Song
Best Foreign Film
New Star of the Year – Actor New Star of the Year – Actress


Best Series - Drama[edit]

Hill Street Blues

Best Series - Comedy or Musical[edit]


Best Miniseries or TV Film[edit]

Brideshead Revisited

Best Actor - Drama Series[edit]

John Forsythe - Dynasty

Best Actress - Drama Series[edit]

Joan Collins - Dynasty

Best Actor - Comedy or Musical Series[edit]

Alan Alda - M*A*S*H

Best Actress - Comedy or Musical Series[edit]

Debbie Allen - Fame

Best Actor - Miniseries or TV Film[edit]

Anthony Andrews - Brideshead Revisited

Best Actress - Miniseries or TV Film[edit]

Ingrid Bergman - A Woman Called Golda

Best Supporting Actor - TV Series, Miniseries or TV Film[edit]

Lionel Stander - Hart to Hart

Best Supporting Actress - TV Series, Miniseries or TV Film[edit]

Shelley Long - Cheers



5 / 5 Gandhi: Best Actor - Drama, Director, Foreign Film, Screenplay & New Male Star of the Year
3 / 5 Tootsie: Best Actor and Film - Musical or Comedy & Supporting Actress
2 / 8 An Officer and a Gentleman: Best Original Song & Supporting Actor
2 / 5 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: Best Film - Drama & Original Score
1 / 1 Conan the Barbarian: New Female Star of the Year
1 / 3 Sophie's Choice: Best Actress - Drama
1 / 5 Victor/Victoria: Best Actress - Musical or Comedy


2 / 2 Fame: Best Actress and Series - Musical or Comedy
2 / 3 Brideshead Revisited: Best Actor and Miniseries or TV Film
2 / 4 Dynasty: Best Actor and Actress - Drama Series
1 / 2 Cheers: Best Supporting Actress
1 / 2 Hill Street Blues: Best Series - Drama
1 / 2 A Woman Called Golda: Best Actress - Miniseries or TV Film
1 / 3 M*A*S*H: Best Actor - Musical or Comedy Series
1 / 4 Hart to Hart: Best Supporting Actor

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