List of NJ Transit bus routes (450–499)

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#1206 operates through Woodbury on the 455.

New Jersey Transit operates or contracts out the following routes within Camden, Gloucester, and Salem counties. All routes are "exact fare" lines.


Directly operated[edit]

These routes are operated directly by New Jersey Transit.

Route Terminal A Main streets of travel Terminal B Garage Notes
450 Camden
Black Horse Pike
Cuthbert Road
Crystal Lake Avenue
Cherry Hill Mall Newton Avenue
  • Formerly Route A
451 Camden
Haddon Avenue/Haddonfield-Berlin Road
Evesham Road
Voorhees Town Center Newton Avenue
  • No weekend service
  • Formerly Route B
452 Camden
36th Street
State Street
Market and Federal Streets
Kaighns Avenue
Baird Boulevard
Newton Avenue
  • Formerly Route C
453 Camden
Federal St/Delaware Ave.
Broadway Camden
Ferry Avenue PATCO
Newton Avenue
  • No Sunday service
  • Formerly Route E
455 Paulsboro
Broad St/Billingsport Ave., OR
National Park
Grove St/Hessian Ave.
Crown Point Road (Paulsboro trips only)
Red Bank Avenue
Clements Bridge Road
Kings Highway
Church Road
Cherry Hill Mall (Monday-Saturday only)
Deptford Mall (full-time)
Newton Avenue
  • Formerly Route R
457 Camden
Federal St/Delaware Ave.
Market Street
Kings Highway
Church Road
Fellowship Road
Moorestown Mall Newton Avenue
  • No Sunday service
  • Formerly Route V
459 Sicklerville
Avandale Park/Ride
Sicklerville Road
Laurel Road/White Horse Road
Voorhees Town Center Washington Township
  • Formerly Route U
463 Sicklerville
Avandale Park/Ride
Main Street
Egg Harbor Road
Tanyard Road
Broad St/Red Bank Ave.
Washington Township
  • No weekend service

Contract operations[edit]

This line is operated for New Jersey Transit by Salem County Transit, and is an exact fare line.

Route Terminal A Main streets of travel Terminal B Notes
468 Carney's Point
Carney's Point Senior Apartments (limited service)
Penns Grove
Sandy Ridge Apartments (Monday-Saturday)
Salem Woodstown Road
Memorial Hospital of Salem County (Monday-Saturday)
Acme at Route 45 and 40 (weekdays only)
  • No Sunday service
  • Formerly Route 108

Former routes[edit]

This list includes routes that have been renumbered or are now operated by private companies.

Route Terminals Major streets Current status Notes
Walter Rand Transportation Center Adventure Aquarium Federal Street Route merged into NJT #452 line.
Lindenwold (PATCO station) Haddonfield (PATCO station) Warwick Road Route merged into NJT #451 line; segment later eliminated completely.
  • Formerly Route K before 454
Camden Cherry Hill Mall Federal Street Route was extended into Philadelphia and renamed 405. Was cut back to Camden again 1/8/11 but retained 405 designation.
  • Formerly Route 6 before 456
Burlington Lumberton Plaza Burlington County Route 541 Route merged into NJT #413 line.
  • Formerly Route X before 458
State St. at 4th St.
Brimm Medical Arts High School
Creative Arts Morgan Village Academy
Bridge Plaza
Woodrow Wilson High School
River Rd. and 36th St.
Bridge Plaza
Various streets in Camden 460 Designation for schools service discontinued as of 9/2/17 *Seasonal school service only
Deptford Mall Paulsboro Crown Point Road Route merged into NJT #455 line.

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