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Anton Vladimirovich Antonov-Ovseenko
Native name
Антон Владимирович Антонов-Овсеенко
Born(1920-02-23)23 February 1920
Moscow, Soviet Russia
Died9 July 2013(2013-07-09) (aged 93)
Moscow, Russia
OccupationWriter and historian
Alma materMoscow State Pedagogical Institute
RelativesVladimir Antonov-Ovseyenko (father)
Anton Vladimirovich Antonov-Ovseenko (in centre) as a child with his siblings and parents during their stay in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

Anton Vladimirovich Antonov-Ovseenko (Russian: Анто́н Влади́мирович Анто́нов-Овсе́енко; 23 February 1920, Moscow, RSFSR – 9 July 2013, Moscow, Russia) was a Russian historian and writer.[1][2]

Born on 23 February 1920, he was the son of the Bolshevik military leader Vladimir Antonov-Ovseenko who commanded the assault on the Winter Palace.[3] In 1935, he joined the historical faculty of the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute. In 1938, he was expelled from Komsomol and the institute wherein, however, he was reinstated in the same year.[1]

He was arrested in 1940 and spent 13 years in labor camps.

Antonov-Ovseenko is best known for his biography of Lavrentiy Beria and he also wrote several books.

Antonov-Ovseenko operated a state museum on the Gulag, for which the Moscow administration provided a building in August 2001.[4][5]

When he died in 2013, he was still working two full days a week to continue documenting what he called "the evils of the Soviet era" and to help with plans for a new, larger space.[6]


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