Ashita no Nadja

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Ashita no Nadja
Ashita no Nadja vol 1.jpg
Japanese manga cover of Ashita no Nadja volume 1
(Ashita no Nāja)
Genre Romantic comedy, historical fiction
Anime television series
Directed by Takuya Igarashi
Music by Keiichi Oku
Studio Toei Animation
Original network ANN (ABC)
Original run February 2, 2003January 25, 2004
Episodes 50 (List of episodes)
Written by Izumi Todo
Published by Kodansha
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Nakayoshi
Original run Feb 3, 2003Dec 29, 2003
Volumes 2
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Ashita no Nadja (明日のナージャ, Ashita no Nāja, lit. "Tomorrow's Nadja"), is a romance anime with 50 episodes of 24 minutes installments, produced by Toei Animation and aired between February 2, 2003 and January 25, 2004.

The opening theme is "Nadja!!" by Minako Honda, and the ending theme is "Que Sera, Sera" by Ami Koshimizu.

The series is available on DVD (in Japanese) containing two to three episodes each. The series has been released in French-Canadian R1 DVD by Imavision in two boxsets, and will receive English-language compilation dubbed movies from William Winckler Productions and Toei with a planned DVD release.

In 2009, William Winckler Productions produced two all-new English-dubbed movie versions edited from the original series. Producer William Winckler, known for Tekkaman the Space Knight, wrote, produced and directed the English films, which are seen on broadband in Japan.

A manga version, written by Izumi Todo and drawn by Yui Ayumi, was serialized by Kodansha in the manga magazine Nakayoshi from March 2003 to February 2004, and collected in two bound volumes.


Nadja is an orphan who lives at the Applefield Orphanage, in early 20th-century England. Nadja is called by Miss Appleton, the orphanage's owner, to receive a package delivered to her. The gifts sent for her thirteenth birthday are a dress and a diary. She is told in the accompanying letter that her mother is still alive. She later joins a traveling street performance act called the Dandelion Troupe in search of her mother after a fire breaks out in her orphanage. She travels the world, finding many friends along the way that teach her things about herself, ultimately having to learn the truth about her parentage and discovering her own destiny. While traveling other than meeting new friends she gets in love too with two twins she once thought was only one boy. The boys were called Francis Harcourt (17 years old) and Keith Harcourt (18 years old, also known as the black rose).


Episodes list[edit]

  1. Nadja, The Door of Fate!! (ナージャ、運命の扉!!, Nāja, Unmei no Tobira!!)
  2. The Evening of the Mysterious Thief Black Rose (怪盗黒バラの夜, Kaitō kurobara no Yoru)
  3. Samurai Kennosuke's Wild Ride! (サムライ・ケンノスケ大暴走!, Samurai Kennosuke Daibōsō!)
  4. Dancing Princess Nadja and the Mummy Professor (舞姫ナージャとミイラ博士, Maihime Nāja to Miira-Hakase)
  5. The Starry Night - A Waltz Just for the Two (星の夜・二人だけのワルツ, Hoshi no Yoru-Futari dake no Warutsu)
  6. The Diary of the Ball that Ties Mother and Daughter (母子を結ぶ舞踏会の日記, Oyako o musubu Butōkai no Nikki)
  7. The Masquerade Ball's Trap (仮面舞踏会のワナ, Kamen Butōkai no Wana)
  8. The Broken Wing and the tears of Love (折れた翼と恋の涙, Oreta Tsubasa to Koi no Namida)
  9. The Troubled Genius Pianist! (悩める天才ピアニスト!, Nayameru Tensai Pianisuto!)
  10. The Music Box with 2 Memories (ふたつの想い出オルゴール, Futatsu no Omoide Orugooru)
  11. A Narrow Escape!! A Confession Of Love In Paris (危機一髪!!パリの告白, Kiki Ippatsu!! Pari no kokuhaku)
  12. Treasure Hunting Is Romantic!? (宝探しはロマンチック!?, Takara-sagashi wa Romanchikku!?)
  13. Francis In the Morning Light (朝陽の中のフランシス, Asahi no Naka no Furanshisu)
  14. A Lie at the Alpine Flower Festival (アルプス花祭りのウソ, Arupusu Hanamitsu no Uso)
  15. A Family In a Storm (嵐の中の家族, Arashi no Naka no Kazoku)
  16. I Don't Understand! The Game of Love That Adults Play (わからない!大人の恋愛ゲーム, Wakaranai! Otona no Renai Gēmu)
  17. Love and Ambition in Milan (愛と野望のミラノ, Ai to yabōou no Mirano)
  18. Venice, The Tearful Mama Mia (ヴェネツィア、涙のマンマ・ミーア, Venetsia, Namida no manma mīa)
  19. A Foggy Night - The Black Rose's Truth (霧の夜・黒バラの真実, Kiri no yoru・Kuro Bara no Shinjitsu)
  20. Full of Danger! A Date in Rome (危険がいっぱい!ローマのデート, Kiken ga ippai! Rōma no Dēto)
  21. Mother and Daughter Who Keep Passing Each Other - The 2 Birthdays (すれ違う母娘・ふたつの誕生日, Sure chigau oyako・Futatsu no Tanjōbi)
  22. Help Me! The Memory of Fire (助けて!炎の記憶, Tsukete! Honō no Kioku)
  23. Great Terror! The Ghost Ship of the Mediterranean (恐怖!地中海の幽霊船, Kyōfu! Chichūuukai no Yūreisen)
  24. Ole! The Solar Matador and Flamenco (オーレ!太陽の闘牛士とフラメンコ, Ōre! Taiyō no Tougyūshi to Furamenko)
  25. The Return of the Beautiful Betrayer (帰ってきた裏切りの美女, Kaettekita Uragiri no Bijo)
  26. The Other Side of Francis (フランシスの向こう側, Furanshisu no Mukōgawa)
  27. The High-Flying Kennosuke! (空飛ぶケンノスケ!, Soratobu Kennosuke!)
  28. The Dangerous Princess (危険なプリンセス, Kiken na Purinsesu)
  29. A Wonderful Life! The Man Who Saw The Light And The Shadow (すばらしき人生!光と影を見た男, Subarashiki Jinsei! Hikari to kage wo mita otoko)
  30. The Muddy White Rose (泥まみれの白バラ, Doroma mire no Shiro bara)
  31. The Clown Who Won't Cry (泣かないピエロ, Nakunai Piero)
  32. The End of the Nile - The Secret of the Ring (ナイルの果て・指輪の秘密, nairu no hate ・ yubiwa no himitsu)
  33. The Brooch that Vanished Into the Pyramid (ピラミッドに消えたブローチ, piramiddo ni kieta buroochi)
  34. Farewell, Dandelion Troupe (さよならダンデライオン一座, sayonara danderaion ichiza)
  35. The Wind's Trick - The Irony of Fate (風のいたずら・運命の皮肉, kaze no itazura ・ unmei no hiniku)
  36. Danger Lurks! The Black Rose's Life on the Line (危うし!命を賭けた黒バラ, ayaushi! inochi wo kaketa kuro bara)
  37. The Light and the Shadow! The Plan to Get the Brooch Back (明暗!ブローチ奪還作戦, meian! buroochi dakkan sakusen)
  38. The Scheme Behind Rosemary's Smile (ローズマリー笑顔の陰謀, roozumarii egao no inbou)
  39. Don't Steal Her! My Mother (盗らないで!私のお母さん, toranaide! watashi no okaasan)
  40. The Morning of Decision! The Real Journey (決意の朝!本当の旅立ち, ketsui no asa! hontou no tabidachi)
  41. The Joy and Pain of One's Travels (喜びも苦しみもひとり旅, yorokobi mo kurushimi mo hitori tabi)
  42. A Lonely Person's Home (ひとりぼっちの故郷, hitoribocchi no kyuuri)
  43. The Piano's Connecting Lullaby (ピアノがつなぐ子守歌, piano gatsu nagu komoriuta)
  44. Which One Do I Like? The Ultimate Choice! (どっちが好き?究極の選択!, docchi ga suki? kyuukyoku no sentaku!)
  45. 3 People's Figures - The Unsteady Awakening of Love (三人模様・ぐらつく恋心, mitari moyou・guratsuku koikokoro)
  46. The 2 Nadjas, Confrontation! (二人のナージャ、対決!, ninin no naaja, taiketsu!)
  47. Silence! The Trapped White Rose (沈黙!囚われの白バラ, chinmoku! toraware no shiro bara)
  48. Turnabout! The End of the Black Rose (逆転!黒バラの最後, gyakuten! kuro bara no saigo)
  49. Don't Give Up! The Power of Truth (諦めない!真実の力, akiramenai! sane no chikara)
  50. A New Door of Fate (新たなる運命の扉, arata naru unmei no tobira)

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