Sarutobi Ecchan

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Sarutobi Ecchan
Sarutobi Ecchan.png
GenreComedy, magical girl
Okashina Okashina Okashina Ano Ko
Written byShotaro Ishinomori
Published bySun Comics
MagazineMargaret (1964)
Nakayoshi (1971)
Original run19641969
Anime television series
Directed byYugo Serikawa
StudioToei Animation
Original networkTV Asahi
Original run 4 October 1971 27 March 1972
Anime film
Okashi na Tenkousei
Directed byYugo Serikawa
StudioToei Animation
Released18 March 1972
Runtime24 minutes
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Sarutobi Ecchan (さるとびエッちゃん) known in some countries as Hela Supergirl, is a manga series by Shotaro Ishinomori. It was originally named Okashina Okashina Okashina Ano Ko (おかしな おかしな おかしなあの子, Okashina Okashina Okashina Ano Ko), but was changed in 1971 when Toei Animation adapted it into an anime called Sarutobi Ecchan. The anime lasted 26 episodes. It has yet[when?] to be released on DVD in America; however, the series has been released on DVD in Japan.

Ecchan appears to be a normal little girl, but appearances can be deceptive. She is descended from the great ninja Sasuke Sarutobi, and possesses ninja skills of her own. Ecchan is also capable of all sorts of extraordinary feats: she can communicate with animals, possesses hypnotic and telepathic abilities, and is stronger and more intelligent than normal girls of her age. But despite all this, Ecchan is still only a young girl, and like any young girl she makes mistakes. But with the help of her friends Miko, Taihei and her dog Buku, everything always turns out right.

Since it was cancelled due to low ratings, the series was unsuccessful to continue its run, and there is not a proper ending for Ecchan. The last episode focuses around an American Ecchan doppelganger named Eiko, who wants nothing more than to see Mount Fuji.


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