Athletics at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Women's 100 metres hurdles

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Women's 100 metres hurdles
at the Games of the XXX Olympiad
Venue Olympic Stadium
Date 6–7 August
Competitors 50 from 36 nations
Winning time 12.35 OR
1st, gold medalist(s) Sally Pearson  Australia
2nd, silver medalist(s) Dawn Harper  United States
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Kellie Wells  United States
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The women's 100 metres hurdles competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, United Kingdom was held at the Olympic Stadium on 6–7 August.[1]

The semi-finals showed all the top athletes were at their best, with the first 5 finalists achieving their personal best, except Sally Pearson who improved the 2012 world leading time, and Nevin Yanıt's new national record for Turkey.

In the final under London rains, Pearson led from the start but after ticking a hurdle, defending champion Dawn Harper closed fast to make it close. Kellie Wells was solidly in third while Lolo Jones edged Yanit for fourth place. It was an Olympic record for Pearson, a new personal best for Harper and Wells, equal national record for Yanit in 5th, equal personal best for 6th place Phylicia George and a season best for Jones after a difficult journey from the next to last hurdle four years earlier.

Competition format[edit]

The women's 100m Hurdles competition consisted of heats (Round 1), Semifinals and a Final.[2] The fastest competitors from each race in the heats qualified for the Semifinals along with the fastest overall competitors not already qualified that were required to fill the available spaces in the Semifinals. A total of eight competitors qualified for the Final from the Semifinals.[3]


Prior to the competition, the existing World and Olympic records were as follows.

World record  Yordanka Donkova (BUL) 12.21 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria 20 August 1988
Olympic record  Joanna Hayes (USA) 12.37 Athens, Greece 24 August 2004
2012 World leading  Sally Pearson (AUS) 12.40 Paris, France 6 July 2012

The following new Olympic record was set during this competition:

Date Event Athlete Time Notes
7 August Final  Sally Pearson (AUS) 12.35 OR


All times are British Summer Time (UTC+1).

Date Time Round
Monday, 6 August 2012 10:05 Round 1
Tuesday, 7 August 2012 19:15


Round 1[edit]

Qual. rule: first 3 of each heat (Q) plus the 6 fastest times (q) qualified.

Heat 1[edit]

Rank Name Nationality Result Notes
1 Alina Talay  Belarus 12.71 Q, PB
2 Jessica Zelinka  Canada 12.75 Q
3 Tiffany Porter  Great Britain 12.79 Q
4 Anne Zagré  Belgium 13.04 q
5 Marina Tomić  Slovenia 13.10
6 Rosvitha Okou  Ivory Coast 13.62 SB
7 Ayako Kimura  Japan 13.75
N/A Rahamatou Drame  Mali N/A DQ
  • Rahamatou Drame was disqualified for false starting.

Heat 2[edit]

Rank Name Nationality Result Notes
1 Beate Schrott  Austria 13.09 Q
2 Eline Berings  Belgium 13.46 Q
3 Ivanique Kemp  Bahamas 13.51 Q
4 Seun Adigun  Nigeria 13.56
5 Anastassiya Pilipenko  Kazakhstan 13.77
6 Lecabela Quaresma  São Tomé and Príncipe 14.56 SB
N/A Jessica Ennis  Great Britain N/A DNS
N/A Latoya Greaves  Jamaica N/A DNS

Heat 3[edit]

Rank Name Nationality Result Notes
1 Kellie Wells  United States 12.69 Q
2 Tatyana Dektyareva  Russia 12.87 Q
3 Lucie Škrobáková  Czech Republic 13.01 Q, SB
4 Cindy Roleder  Germany 13.06 q
5 Shermaine Williams  Jamaica 13.07 q
6 Lina Florez  Colombia 13.17
7 Natalya Ivoninskaya  Kazakhstan 13.48
8 Marthe Koala  Burkina Faso 13.91 PB

Heat 4[edit]

Rank Name Nationality Result Notes
1 Nevin Yanıt  Turkey 12.70 Q
2 Dawn Harper  United States 12.75 Q
3 Yekaterina Galitskaya  Russia 12.89 Q
4 Derval O'Rourke  Ireland 12.91 q, SB
5 Nikkita Holder  Canada 12.93 q
6 Brigitte Merlano  Colombia 13.21 SB
7 Jung Hye-Lim  South Korea 13.48
8 Jeimy Bernárdez  Honduras 14.36

Heat 5[edit]

Rank Name Nationality Result Notes
1 Sally Pearson  Australia 12.57 Q
2 Reïna-Flor Okori  France 13.01 Q
3 Carolin Nytra  Germany 13.30 Q
4 Anastasiya Soprunova  Kazakhstan 13.40
5 Sonata Tamošaitytė  Lithuania 13.59
6 Lavonne Idlette  Dominican Republic 13.60
7 Dipna Lim Prasad  Singapore 14.68 SB
8 Silvia Panguana  Mozambique 14.68 PB
N/A Ekaterina Poplavskaya  Belarus N/A DQ
  • Ekaterina Poplavskaya ran off the track after failing to clear her fourth hurdle, and was therefore disqualified.

Heat 6[edit]

Rank Name Nationality Result Notes
1 Lolo Jones  United States 12.68 Q, SB
2 Phylicia George  Canada 12.83 Q
3 Marzia Caravelli  Italy 13.01 Q
4 Yuliya Kondakova  Russia 13.10 q
5 Sun Yawei  China 13.26
6 Noemi Zbären  Switzerland 13.33
7 Brigitte Foster-Hylton  Jamaica 13.98
8 Odile Ahouanwanou  Benin 14.76 NR
9 Bibiana Olama  Equatorial Guinea 16.18 SB


Qual. rule: first 2 of each heat (Q) plus the 2 fastest times (q) qualified.

Heat 1[edit]

Rank Name Nationality Result Notes
1 Dawn Harper  United States 12.46 Q, PB
2 Beate Schrott  Austria 12.83 Q
3 Shermaine Williams  Jamaica 12.83
4 Alina Talay  Belarus 12.84
5 Yekaterina Galitskaya  Russia 12.90
6 Nikkita Holder  Canada 12.93
7 Carolin Nytra  Germany 13.31
N/A Reïna-Flor Okori  France DQ
  • Reïna-Flor Okori was disqualified for false starting.

Heat 2[edit]

Rank Name Nationality Result Notes
1 Sally Pearson  Australia 12.39 Q, SB
2 Jessica Zelinka  Canada 12.66 Q
3 Lolo Jones  United States 12.71 q
4 Tiffany Porter  Great Britain 12.79
5 Derval O'Rourke  Ireland 12.91 =SB
6 Yuliya Kondakova  Russia 13.13
7 Eline Berings  Belgium 13.26
8 Ivanique Kemp  Bahamas 13.56

Heat 3[edit]

Rank Name Nationality Result Notes
1 Kellie Wells  United States 12.51 Q, SB
2 Nevin Yanıt  Turkey 12.58 Q, NR
3 Phylicia George  Canada 12.65 q, PB
4 Tatyana Dektyareva  Russia 12.75 SB
5 Lucie Škrobáková  Czech Republic 12.81 SB
6 Anne Zagré  Belgium 12.94
7 Cindy Roleder  Germany 13.02
N/A Marzia Caravelli  Italy DQ
  • Marzia Caravelli stopped running after failing to clear the fourth hurdle and was disqualified.


Wind: −0.2 m/s

Rank Lanes Athlete Nation Time Notes
1st, gold medalist(s) 7 Sally Pearson  Australia 12.35 OR
2nd, silver medalist(s) 4 Dawn Harper  United States 12.37 PB
3rd, bronze medalist(s) 5 Kellie Wells  United States 12.48 PB
4 2 Lolo Jones  United States 12.58 SB
5 6 Nevin Yanıt  Turkey 12.58 =NR
6 3 Phylicia George  Canada 12.65 =PB
7 8 Jessica Zelinka  Canada 12.69
8 9 Beate Schrott  Austria 13.07


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