Athletics at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Women's 20 kilometres walk

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Women's 20 kilometres walk
at the Games of the XXX Olympiad
Venue The Mall
Date 11 August 2012
Competitors 61 from 33 nations
Winning time 1:25:02 WR
1st, gold medalist(s) Elena Lashmanova  Russia
2nd, silver medalist(s) vacant
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Shenjie Qieyang  China
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The women's 20 kilometres walk at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, United Kingdom, was held on 11 August[1] on a route along The Mall and Constitution Hill.[2]

From the start of the race, defending champion Olga Kaniskina took the lead, only Liu Hong would go with her. The two opened up a big gap with a chase pack of a Guatemalan, the other 2 Russians, other 2 Chinese. By the end of 8K the pack began to lose walkers, Mirna Ortíz and Johanna Jackson were disqualified, and Liu began to lose contact, Kaniskina off on her own. Shortly after the half way mark, the pack was down to Elena Lashmanova and Anisya Kirdyapkina leading Xiuzhi Lu and Shenjie Qieyang An hour into the race and Lu began to lose contact, Lashmanova,Kirdyapkina and Qieyang chasing and then swallowing up Liu. By 14 km Kaniskina had a 33-second lead. Almost unnoticeable, the gap between Kaniskina and the chasers had come down to 24 seconds at 16 km, Kirdyapkina and then Liu struggling to stay with the group. After another 2K lap, the gap was down to 17 seconds at 18 km, still seemingly insurmountable with just one lap to go. With Kaniskina looking strong, the gap kept falling. Kaniskina started to show the strain, as the pass became inevitable she began the most pronounced arm swing trying to find that last bit of speed, but it wasn't enough. Less than 200 metres from the finish Lashmanova went by Kaniskina and on to the gold carpet. Lashmanova finished with a 1:25:02 world record. Broken Kaniskina finished 7 seconds back, just a second slower than the previous world record. Qieyang happily finished another 7 seconds later for bronze. After the finish, Kaniskina was barely able to walk, while a fresh Lashmanova celebrated her victory.[3][not in citation given]


Prior to the competition, the existing world and Olympic records were as follows.

World record  Vera Sokolova (RUS) 1:25:08 Sochi, Russia 26 February 2011
Olympic record  Olga Kaniskina (RUS) 1:26:31 Beijing, China 21 August 2008
2012 World leading  Elmira Alembekova (RUS) 1:25:27 Sochi, Russia 18 February 2012

The following records were established during the competition:

Date Event Name Nationality Time Record
11 August Final Elena Lashmanova  Russia 1:25:02 WR


All times are British Summer Time (UTC+1)

Date Time Round
11 August 2012 17:00 Final


Rank Name Nationality Time Notes[4]
1st, gold medalist(s) Lashmanova, ElenaElena Lashmanova  Russia 1:25:02 WR
Kaniskina, OlgaOlga Kaniskina  Russia DQ[5]
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Qieyang Shenjie  China 1:25:16 AR
4 Liu Hong  China 1:26:00
5 Kirdyapkina, AnisyaAnisya Kirdyapkina  Russia 1:26:26 SB
6 Lu Xiuzhi  China 1:27:10
7 Rigaudo, ElisaElisa Rigaudo  Italy 1:27:36 SB
8 Pascual, BeatrizBeatriz Pascual  Spain 1:27:56 SB
9 Cabecinha, AnaAna Cabecinha  Portugal 1:28:03 SB
10 Vasco, MariaMaria Vasco  Spain 1:28:14 SB
11 Fuchise, MasumiMasumi Fuchise  Japan 1:28:41 SB
12 Poves, Maria JoseMaria Jose Poves  Spain 1:29:36
13 Loughnane, OliveOlive Loughnane  Ireland 1:29:39 SB
14 Giorgi, Eleonora AnnaEleonora Anna Giorgi  Italy 1:29:48 PB
15 Henriques, InesInes Henriques  Portugal 1:29:54 SB
16 Borovska, NadiyaNadiya Borovska  Ukraine 1:30:03 PB
17 Lamble, ReganRegan Lamble  Australia 1:30:08 PB
18 Kawasaki, MayumiMayumi Kawasaki  Japan 1:30:20 SB
19 Seeger, MelanieMelanie Seeger  Germany 1:30:44 SB
20 Reynolds, LauraLaura Reynolds  Ireland 1:31:02 PB
21 Saltanovic, KristinaKristina Saltanovic  Lithuania 1:31:04 SB
22 Szwarnóg, AgnieszkaAgnieszka Szwarnóg  Poland 1:31:14
23 Dygacz, AgnieszkaAgnieszka Dygacz  Poland 1:31:28 SB
24 Pastare, AgneseAgnese Pastare  Latvia 1:31:54 SB
25 Drabenia, HannaHanna Drabenia  Belarus 1:31:58 PB
26 Virbalyte, BrigitaBrigita Virbalyte  Lithuania 1:31:58
27 Iakovenko, OlhaOlha Iakovenko  Ukraine 1:32:07 PB
28 Lee, BekiBeki Lee  Australia 1:32:14 PB
29 Michta, MariaMaria Michta  United States 1:32:27 PB
30 Equihua, MonicaMonica Equihua  Mexico 1:32:28 PB
31 Franco, JamyJamy Franco  Guatemala 1:33:18
32 Arenas, SandraSandra Arenas  Colombia 1:33:21
33 Balderrama, ClaudiaClaudia Balderrama  Bolivia 1:33:28 PB
34 Hernandez, IngridIngrid Hernandez  Colombia 1:33:34 PB
35 Pelantova, LucieLucie Pelantova  Czech Republic 1:33:35
36 Thi Thanh Phuc, NguyenNguyen Thi Thanh Phuc  Vietnam 1:33:36 NR
37 Otoshi, KumiKumi Otoshi  Japan 1:33:50
38 Stef, ClaudiaClaudia Stef  Romania 1:33:56
39 Aidietyte, NeringaNeringa Aidietyte  Lithuania 1:34:01
40 Guaman, YadiraYadira Guaman  Ecuador 1:34:47 PB
41 Madarasz, ViktoriaViktoria Madarasz  Hungary 1:34:48
42 Kozhakhmetova, AymanAyman Kozhakhmetova  Kazakhstan 1:35:00
43 Orjuela, ArabellyArabelly Orjuela  Colombia 1:35:05
44 Zapounidou, DespinaDespina Zapounidou  Greece 1:35:19
45 Buziak, PaulinaPaulina Buziak  Poland 1:35:23
46 Herrera, MayraMayra Herrera  Guatemala 1:35:33
47 Mutlu, SemihaSemiha Mutlu  Turkey 1:35:33 PB
48 Yatsevich, NastassiaNastassia Yatsevich  Belarus 1:35:41
49 Santos, VeraVera Santos  Portugal 1:35:51
50 Shumkina, OlenaOlena Shumkina  Ukraine 1:36:42
51 Perez, PaolaPaola Perez  Ecuador 1:37:05
52 Seaman, RachelRachel Seaman  Canada 1:37:36
53 Czakova, MariaMaria Czakova  Slovakia 1:37:43
54 Halkivaha, AnneAnne Halkivaha  Finland 1:38:49
55 Rosales, MilangelaMilangela Rosales  Venezuela 1:42:46
Krantz, SabineSabine Krantz  Germany DNF
Kozhakhmetova, SholpanSholpan Kozhakhmetova  Kazakhstan DNF
Jackson, JohannaJohanna Jackson  Great Britain DQ
Jeon Yeong-Eun  South Korea DQ
Ortiz, MirnaMirna Ortiz  Guatemala DQ
Tallent, ClaireClaire Tallent  Australia DQ
  • On 24 March 2016, the Court of Arbitration for Sport has issued decision that all competitive results obtained by Olga Kaniskina from 15 August 2009 to 15 October 2012 are disqualified.[6] IOC has not yet confirmed the Olga Kaniskina's deprivation of her silver medal in women's 20 km walk and redistribution of the medals in this event.[4] If the IOC will decide on the reallocation of the medals, Qieyang Shenjie (CHN) will get Silver and Liu Hong (CHN) will get Bronze.