Azerbaijan–Pakistan relations

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Pakistan-Azerbaijan relations
Map indicating locations of Pakistan and Azerbaijan



Azerbaijan–Pakistan relations are the foreign relations between the Azerbaijan and the Pakistan. Pakistan has an embassy in Baku and Azerbaijan has an embassy in Islamabad. The two nations are considered "strategic partners".[1]

Pakistan and Azerbaijan enjoy good relations. Relations date back when both nations were part of the Persian Empire and the countries have the same cultural traditions in common especially because of deep Turanian and Persian influences in the two countries.[citation needed]

Modern relations between the two states were established when the republic of Azerbaijan became independent following the collapse of the USSR. Pakistan was among the first countries to recognize Azerbaijan.[2] Trade and cooperation has steadily grown between the two nations, with several summits being held on how to improve trade between the two nations. Pakistan is one of the a few countries to recognize Khojaly Massacre, carried out by Armenia against Azerbaijani people, as genocide.[3] Pakistan also supports Azerbaijan's side of the Nagorno Karabakh Conflict and has not established ties with Armenia over it. Whilst Azerbaijan also supports Pakistan's stance on Kashmir over India and recognises Kashmir as Pakistani Territory. President of Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain affirmed Pakistan's military support to Azerbaijan saying it was fully ready to equip the Azerbaijani military and Azerbaijan confirmed it "stood with Pakistan on the Kashmir problem".[4]

Azerbaijan, Pakistan "enjoy strategic partnership relations" officials of both countries said in March 2013.[5]

Military cooperation[edit]

Pakistan and Azerbaijan have military cooperation. Azerbaijan is holding talks with Pakistan to purchase JF-17 Thunder fighter bomber aircraft.[6][7] In October 2016 President Aliyev and PM Sharif confirmed plans to carry out joint military exercises.[8]

Azerbaijan has approached Pakistan with wishes to further expand cooperation into fields of joint production of defence products.[9] In a meeting of Pakistan's Minister of Defence Productions with Azerbaijan's President.[10]

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