Band in a Bus

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Band in a Bus
Directed byMatthew T. Gannon and Michael Sarner
Produced byMatthew T. Gannon and Michael Sarner
StarringJoe Jonas
Nick Jonas
Kevin Jonas
Distributed byDisney Channel
Release date
  • July 1, 2008 (2008-07-01)
CountryUnited States

Band in a Bus is a 2008 video release from American pop-rock band, the Jonas Brothers,the stars of Disney's Camp Rock and Jonas and Jonas L.A. It was filmed while on the Best of Both Worlds Tour with Miley Cyrus. Ten episodes, each approximately three minutes in length, were produced and made available exclusively by Verizon Wireless as downloads for Vcast-enabled mobile telephones.[1]


Band in a Bus shows the Jonas Brothers interacting with one another and life in their tour bus. Directed by Matthew T. Gannon and Michael Sarner, the documentary video contains casual footage of the band, as well as the brothers recording music for their album, A Little Bit Longer.[2]

Ten episodes have been released:[3]

  • "Rock On A Bus"
  • "Big Rob"
  • "Tonight and Today"
  • "Going Crazy"
  • "We'll All Be Fine"
  • "Video (Hometown) Girl"
  • "Planes, Buses & SUV's"
  • "One Family"
  • "Saltmine"
  • "Lovebug"


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